Ohooo! Micro Milstone! :)

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Well! Finally I made it! It´s a goal I really wanted to achieve. Surely others will have other goals.

But I am at a time when I am in training 50% of finishing. But I am questioning some things if I must continue with my niche, if I really like my niche, if I want to become an expert in that niche, etc ...

That's why while I really define this, I don't want to stop doing things that help me continue my career in WA.

That's why I decided to get the commentator certification and wanted to achieve it ... and I did it! :) I feel very well being able to complete one more objective of this beautiful community and this incredible program. So I achieved something that will keep me motivated! I have also learned a lot from other blogs!

So there we are, with you, my screeshot: D

Thank you!

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timstime20 Premium
I just finished some today too
It’s an awful good feeling
Congrats .. best to you
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you Tim! Yes it's awesome!
Caruana Premium
Hi Paul, 100% looks good. Well done! Marisa
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you María! Yes I really tried to do my Best! And I learned a lot! :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Congratulations, Paul on achieving your goal. Now on to the next goal!

Pepiccione Premium
You Bet J! Thank you for the support!