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December 29, 2019
After 3 months of being down, and lost my member ship...I am BACK!I had some kind of crisis, not knowing what I should write about. My niche felt like it wasn´t something I could write about (biking), It turned out I just love riding a bike...So, I was looking for the "what I am good at" question, and I have to say, I do not feel I could have the expertise or passion about a subjet I could teach about, and write about...This one kind of a revelation, or more something I knew and had to ac
November 12, 2019
Well! Finally I made it! It´s a goal I really wanted to achieve. Surely others will have other goals.But I am at a time when I am in training 50% of finishing. But I am questioning some things if I must continue with my niche, if I really like my niche, if I want to become an expert in that niche, etc ...That's why while I really define this, I don't want to stop doing things that help me continue my career in WA.That's why I decided to get the commentator certification and wanted to achi
I chose my niche because I like to ride a bicycle.So I had to start blogging on this topic, like everyone else: Choose a Niche, start writing, and that's it, right?But the problem I have now is that it is becoming very technical. I find myself looking for information on the type of tires, the quality of the frames, the shoes somebody should wear, the numer of miles you can do with the breaks you have, and I feel that has nothing to do with what I like.Has this happened to you?This reminds me of
Hi everyone! Sorry for the off-topic, but hey, this is the comunnity i love and choose to be part of so this is the best place to me., as some of you know, one of my goals (more a big dream I would say...) is teaching my daughter languages, specially English. I am trying everyday teaching her, speaking to her in english, etc. But I think that the ultimate way is being sourranded by the language, living it...So, we took the decision, to start planning a fewvthings, and one of them
Well, today, I am writing this because I got a new milestone. I just finished the Module 2 of the training!I am really happy with this although I was no easy with life getting in the middle :). I am "trying" to build my house too, keeping the 5-9 Job, rising 2 daughters, and trying to learn as much as I can. Listening in the Car, researching my niche...and so on. Although I´ve beeing here for 2 months already, I wrinting the 21st-Day Blog Post as an "Active Day". Anyway, I learned a lot t
Big Surprise Today!I am over the moon! Today I was coming back to my training, Module 2 Lesson 7 when a Windows popped up and BANG! I got my Google Index Badget!!The Timming for this badges could not be better! I was out for around 5 days (although I kept reading blogs and updates) and I was kind "felling bad" about not being around my WA Business for almost a week. I "felt" my business was falling apart ha ha ha! Yap, I tend to be extreme haha. Any way, I had a post to finish that I saw this b
Today I was adding my first images to my posts. Man! It was harder than I thought!I was not able to find the ones I wanted. Specially searching for "free" pictures. They tent to be...not to niche targeted. It´s more like just photografers trying to show off. Just my own perceptionSo, I "took" some images that I think no one would bother. Maybe I will change them later, but I really wanted to have this done and move on!And being some kind of friky...I tend to be forever choosing the right
Wellcome to my 18th Day of the Journey! I am writing this at my 19th Day but because I thougnt about this yestarday and I wasn´t able to write yestarday, today I´ll do. Plus, due my OCD I need to write my today´s 19th Day Blog Post of course! I cannot see 18 and then 20 :DWell..let´s jump into it.Something Really Nice HappenedSince I choose my niche, I started to research about it, I was reading groups, I bought a magazine related to it, and soThe thing is that this nich
Hey there! Keep trying to write daily here at WA!Today, I am almost finishing my 3rd post. And at least this, I am starting to understand a bit more about what I should talk about. The process already goes like this, I just choose what I would like to write about (Really Important: I am not worried about profit or anything like that at this moment, because want I want it´s getting the skills of being able to write about what I just thought I want). So, once I choose, I look for good keywo
Welcome Future Pabs! And all of you sharing this Journey! Well today was a non-WA busy Day. Damm! Could not do a thing. But I did not to stop writing about it, because I want to make the habit of writing and having this in my mind. So that I can be prepare for my blogging. Not so long ago I had read a quite saying "enjoy the life you have while you build the life you want". I really like this thought. And at WA I am using this point of you to enjoy the ride, not focusing on the result. NOT REA