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The Wheel-less Wagoners

In the covered wagon era, on the edge of new territory, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people waiting to cross a newly built bridge. A bridge that connects the land of old to the future. These people are waiting all with wagons, but the wagons haven’t any wheels.

The other side of the bridge is freedom, a new era, a new town with new resources. The other side of the bridge promises abundance an escape from the rat race.

A promise unseen.

These people with the wheel-less wagons have been working there fingers to the bone for years and want freedom, and freedom is knocking on the door with this new bridge.

Off in the distance, not too far, just far enough to see a shadowy mass of people...the mass is coming forward to the wagoners. One man from the mass comes forward to speak.

The man of the masses states: “you are all here to seek the promise land, yes?”

The millions in unison reply “yes”

The man of the masses: “This bridge is much further then you think, you can not make this trip by foot”

The millions are desperate for knowledge and are expecting the next things to come out of the mans mouth as true prophecy. They need to know “how” to get there. And this is their ticket.

The man of the masses says - “Lucky for you I have wheels to sell you, for your wagons, that is all you need”

This man of the masses has spoken for all that have come forward. They are a group of people who sell wheels for wagons...conveinantly enough.

So people start offering these “wheel sellers” money for their wheels. Some wheels are big, some small, some expensive and some are cheap. Some of the wheels are fancy and intriguing. Some wheels have better wheel bearings. Some come with installation, some you have to install yourself. Without this product - there isn’t a way over the bridge. These wheels are necessary.

For the wheel-less wagoners they want these wheels, they need these wheels. The amount of money for these wheels is pennies compared to the freedoms they can achieve. Some buy right away and start their journey across the bridge. Some are skeptical, some are completely against the wheels, some just “aren’t comfortable” with something new. These people turn around and live the life of old. Trading time for money.

These people that have turned away due to being scared or aren’t comfortable paying for wheels to a site unseen have chosen a path. They have accepted that there life will end trading time for money, and for some...that is just fine with them. For others, they will never know because they didn’t try.

The Bridge is in Sight

For those that dove in and grabbed up the wheels, well they are on their way to freedom. All they have to do know is make the journey, the journey to a new life.

To make this long story a bit shorter and to get to the point

Half of these people who bought wheels, bought cheap wheels. They fell a part half way through their trek. One quarter of these people bought very expensive wheels and ran out of money before they got to the bridge and were forced to sell the wagon. One eighth of these people ran into bad weather and were forced to turn back. One eighth prevailed however. This group made it to the bridge. This group was lucky.

This group that made it was a special group.

They didn’t just buy the wheels right away. They got to know the maker of the wheels. They actually made a partnership with the man. The wheel maker came along on the journey. Fixing anything that went wrong. Along the way they picked up an old Indian Chief that knew there was a storm coming and how to go around it. Along the way, the group had to sacrifice some rations for money to continue on with their journey.

At the end of the day this “one eighth” of wagoners that made it did whatever it took to get there. This involved adding to their team, strengthening their team. Putting trust in people and giving them a chance. They scaled their operation. They saw a vision and prevailed. Luck had nothing to do with it...or did it?

A little about Luck

A funny word luck is. Everyone has said at least once in their lives “Well they were lucky”. I know I have. I believe luck is calculated and not something by chance. Giving yourself more opportunities will create more chances for luck.

This also creates more chances for failure. So those that think the wagoners that made it were lucky, well this may be true. But they created there own luck by taking chances. This is just one story. In another story it may turn out the Indian Chief is a savage murderer and the wagoners picked a “not so good” weather guide.

So back to the story - Alternative Route

What if back when the wagons had no wheels and the people were desperate for them, there was a different route?

What if a young man sitting, waiting for his turn to buy wheels, thought to himself - "wait a minute, what if I came up with something new? I don’t want to give my money away for wheels when I can come up with something new."

So what does this young man have in store from himself? If this is the route he chooses? Well he will need to “invent” something. He will need to research something. He will need to seek help in areas that he isn’t sure of. He will need to test the product. He will certainly need money. O yea, also he won’t be seeing the promise land anytime soon...however

Should he choose this route and dedicate himself to it...who knows maybe he makes the Model-T in a time of wagons.

Moral of this Story

This story, albeit a bit strange has some very important and simple principles. History repeats itself, nothing is new and nothing will be new. The vessels in which we use to get from A to B will change. The human nature in which we get there will always be the same.

As far as the story itself when it comes to sticking with the wagoner route or inventing something. There is a light for both in my opinion. Both routes are harder than anyone thinks, but one is much easier than the my opinion. - You know coming from the guy who has made $0 online so far (that's me).

My 2 Cents

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Grab some quality wheels, throw 'em on your wagon and get rolling. If you are wanting to change the game, prepare to make a car in an era of wagons - you will need more money, innovation and being extremely brilliant might help.

Why stray away from something that has been proven to work?

Whether this be affiliate marketing, drop shipping, e-com in general. This has been tested for works! It has for years. Everyone sees on social media all of the gurus in the realm, read their stories - honestly they make sense - They did it!

What they aren't telling you is the journey to get there. The money spent, the trust fund they got to use up to "try" different routes. The numerous times they failed. The years they sacrificed to make it seem "easy". The relationships they crushed getting where they are. The friends they lost because of dedication. The comfort zone they left.

Comfort Zone

To leave your comfort zone is easy to say. But to do it, that is something entirely different. You may think you left your comfort zone but if you aren't "making it" online, then you haven't. I myself haven't "made it" but I can see what it takes from a far. And getting out of the comfort zone will need to happen.

I already cross the line of comfort zone personally within my work. I make a healthy living clearing close to 80k a year. I have flexible hours at time, but I do have times that take me away from my family. My goal is to make 80k online to start. That will replace my "rat race, time for money" job - or atleast somwhere near that.

I know how to get my job done and get my "online business" stuff done harmonously. This hasn't been easy. Falling behind in my career while pressing on with online business is in fact...exiting my comfort zone.

Not long ago, I woke up in a sweat thinking about just this. I am giving up my "career" to focus on affiliate marketing. It is a scary thought - especially because affiliate marketing doesn't have a pension, doesn't have health benefits doesn't have vacation time - it doesn't have security. This is my rationale talking, my scape goat if you will.

I know by sticking to the grind it will pay off. Whether be in this realm or another, it all happens for a reason. But let's get real for a really real.

Grim Realization

In order for me to make 80k a year. This is a scenario that will need to happen (there are millions of scenarios, you all know that)

Scenario 1 Affiliate Marketing

Sell a 200$ product and receive 10% commision = $20 profit

I would need to sell 11 - $200 products a day - everyday of the year to make $80,000

Right now - I don't understand how that is myself. I will need to surround myself with a team, spend more money to get where I need to go. See where I am going here? I am on a wagon trying to get over a bridge. It sounds so simple and so "peachy" and easy. The principles themselves are easy. The grind and grit and determination is within the person.

So finding fellow wheel-makers is my new goal. I am going to continue on with my affiliate trek, but knowing I can't do this alone - I must start reaching out. I must.

My Short Time Here at WA

Wealthy Affiliate has been a complete eye opener for me. The older I get the more I focus on what is important to me and my family. There isn't much time a human gets to spend on this planet. It goes by fast. I am only 33, and I see the importance of urgency to get going on a route of freedom.

Affiliate marketing is such a big market and it is probably the cheapest way to start online. Which also makes it the hardest to get into. With so many people out there doing this and affiliate programs making harder and harder to get into. It really isn't so "cheap" anymore.

I feel like scaling is the only way to get where you need to be. I just don't see writing a blog for a year with SEO will turn into money? I am a strong believer in hard work pays off, but I don't want to do dumb hard work? I don't want to spend time away from my family every minute I get ,to make zero dollars?

When I signed up for this program it asked how much money are you wanting to make and what sacrifice are you willing to take? I knew as an aspiring entreprenuer this would be something I "didn't quite" grasp yet. After going through the training with Kyle, I totally see "the sky is the limit" comment.

I can see that scaling is the way to get where you want. I just don't know how to do that. I am blogging like an animal posessed on my site. Getting a little and by little I mean tiny audience to read my blog. No money made, but it has only been 3 months. However - my head spins on the daily. My mind is always thinking. I just don't want to be riding a wagon in a model t world.

I will leave with this...

I am a reader.

I read books and books and books. I have a growth mindset, I have read Tim Ferris, Ryan Holliday, Robert Kyosaki, Seth Godin...this is truly a sample and just some of my favorite mindsets a human can have.

Reading opens of the mind. Lets the human know we truly are limitless. It also eerily lets you know that it is up to you. Only "you" can decide your future. When I hear people say "rules" I laugh. Rules were made up by someone who is a human...just like you.

There are brilliant people in the world (Kyle and Carson) rank among them in my opinion. They have created an absolute empire here at Wealthy Affiliate. I congratulate them on this amazing might say that they are "lucky".

If you read this through, I would love to hear thoughts or insights. I know I am not the only person that feels this way. History repeats itself. And great minds gather in great places. WA is no different. I would love to start the idea of a mastermind. Whether you want to direct message me or just comment below. Thanks for reading.


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Awesome post Nic!
I believe there is a Mastermind theory, or Law of Attraction, or whatever name you want to give it.
It is the synergy of a group of people working together toward the same goal that creates exponentially greater results than each working individually. And that is exactly what WA is doing.
Once you understand the basic concepts and connect with some of the most successful people in the community you begin to see how many different directions the same training can lead to money making opportunities.
Wishing you success on your journey!

Great Post. This was a very intriguing story to read through. It kept my interest in the way you referred to it and the thoughts kept coming up that you were talking about WA. The mindset is there and I can tell the determination is there now all have to do is wait for everything to gel and see the results.

Yes, you do have a way with words and how to share them in away to hold on to the reader.
I am new at this WA site too, although it is not my first go around. I too, love to read and my reading choices also are selected with the hopes of moving forward to some of my goals.
I do believe in Mastermind groups and feel that they are beneficial to progress for each of us. My imagination is not creative enough to do this on my own, but when in a group we can be motivated and triggered into something we never even thought of and the best part being that maybe we ourselves even helped someone else move ahead.I feel that WA is a mastermind group in itself, but maybe within there can be some specializing and beaming in a little closer a little sooner!
Keep up the good work! At your age and with your determination I know you will succeed in achieving your goals!
Thank you, Carolanne

You are a great writer this kept my interest to the very end!
I love the way you make everything flow this is great :)
Thank you so much for sharing,

Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate the read. Sometimes just have to put the mind on paper. Thanks again, and all the best Susan!



Time to relax your brain and let it flow...

Right on Frank!

Thanks for the read, and welcome to WA, this is truly a great place to get a great footing in the world of online business. The people here are bar none the best.

If you need anything shout me a holler.



Ok, I will, Nic... in the mean time, as the Jamaicas say.. relax your brain... because it's good, but a heavy read... even for a guy like me... but I just want to be honest here...

Honesty is served best honest. I appreciate it.

Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies Frank, I am a hippie at heart. But sometimes life needs the heaviness to enjoy the relaxation.

This online world doesn’t revolve around relaxation. It is ever changing and will be different when I wake up tomorrow morning than it is right now.

I will relax when I get where I am going. I didn’t pay 50$ a month for Facebook. Again, thanks for the read and the honesty, that’s what it’s all about.

Cheers and good luck here.


I'm on your page. I want to get out of the rat race too. Thanks for sharing!

Ok, so do what you gotta do. Period.

Powerful read!!
I'm somewhat speechless at this point, so I would like to reserve a spot to think on this!
You are onto something in your idea...

Thanks for the read Shauna,

I had a lot to vent on and some thoughts I just had to see written out. I am glad I did. I truly appreciate the kind feedback.



I'm thinking a Motivational Book written by you would be an awesome read!

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