Invaluable lessons

Last Update: May 18, 2020

There I was this morning thinking about adding a new page to my website, when it struck me!

Me adding a new page to my website? 2 weeks ago I did'didn't know how to add pages, write posts, blogs, monetize a site or any of the rest of it.

I still don't understand all the technical stuff but when I look back into the not too distant past and see how far I have come and how much I have achieved, I AM GOING TO GIVE MYSELF A REWARD. I don't know what but I'll think of something.

Of course all I have done, could not have happened had I still been off rambling in the affiliate marketing wilderness. Or without the training provided at Wealthy affiliate or without you the community here.

So when you are just starting or stressed that you can't do stuff. Remember what you're learning here? Just think what you are able to do with that knowledge in the future? Even if your future is not in affiliate marketing, you will never be worried about creating a website for your business and even maybe earning a bit from advertising on it. Maybe you will even end up creating sites for other people. Who Knows? At the very least, if you use the spelling /grammar check in your blogs your English will become better!

But remember where those invaluable lessons came from!


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tonyfedora Premium
I have a reward for you Paul....a warm and hearty ATTA BOY! I enjoyed reading this and wish you the best of everything. Well done.
I'm brand new to this, and look forward to following in the footsteps of you and my other WA family members.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Joes946 Premium
You're doing great.
Linda103 Premium
Well done Paul,
PCohen1 Premium
Thanks you too
Nrichards Premium
You are welcome.