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Are any of you Bitcoin traders out there actually legitimate? I'm not so sure!As with many of us, times are hard and we are tempted to wander off in directions unknown to us. Some of us find our way here luckily? But I am sure that at some point in. the not too distant past you have received messages on Instagram or messenger promising profits with Bitcoin or Forex or some other tosh and I am sure that like me you have been tempted?You know the ads? Add a 0 to your investment, start with as lit
So when I'm on Google to sign in to WA, about a third of the way down there are three videos. One of which is a gentleman who holds up a website apparently made here at WA.The website relates to Bobby's Fitness. Now I am terribly sorry especially if Bobby is still here but this Is the type of website I would most probably have come up with HAD I NOT BEEN HERE.During the Video the narrator references WA being a scam about 3 or 4 times. He also has critic of Kyle s teaching.Now I'm The 1st to adm
May 22, 2020
It's official the world is in deep doo doo. Europe is entering one of the deepest recessions known to woman and mankind. Some leaders of the free world are suggest that we take anti malaria drugs and disinfectant to battle COVID 19. Others are denying that it exists at all. And Everybody Hates China. And what's more, one of the countries above believes it's still the main superpower in the world??I know some of you will hate me for that!!And people are still dying. Are people menta
May 18, 2020
There I was this morning thinking about adding a new page to my website, when it struck me!Me adding a new page to my website? 2 weeks ago I did'didn't know how to add pages, write posts, blogs, monetize a site or any of the rest of it.I still don't understand all the technical stuff but when I look back into the not too distant past and see how far I have come and how much I have achieved, I AM GOING TO GIVE MYSELF A REWARD. I don't know what but I'll think of something.Of course all I have d
May 14, 2020
OK, So here I am I think about two weeks into my Wealthy Affiliate journey! It could be three weeks I really don't know. Regardless I am amazed by what I have accomplished in such a short time. When I started on this journey with affiliate marketing about 3 months ago, I joined ClickBank, Etsy, Squadhelp, Fiverr, Upwork, Marketer Magic I watched YouTube videos with people telling me how much I could make just by copy/pasting. Even joined a couple of the work from home opps that I was pasting
Ok, I'm sure that this has applied to many.How do you keep going when you are not making any money? So far I have been at this for about 8 weeks. Starting with ClickBank, copy/ pasting getting exited when you see all the clicks on your reports and than a sinking feeling when they don't convert. Then CPA and you copy/ paste some more, and still no conversions. You realise that something is not working. Is affiliate marketing just pie in the sky? Were all the Youtube videos just lies? Well yes so
So, Here we go! Firstly I have never written a blog before, so please forgive the content. What I am actually going to do is offer a little help if anyone needs it. Most probably not, everyone sites look incredibly professional.If you needed advice on tailoring or dressmaking or even on Martial arts it would not be a problem but to actually write something that the community here will find interesting or helpful is slightly more daunting. My advice to anyone else approaching this for the firs
April 23, 2020
I am very !#%&@| ing exited about upgrading and continuing tyhe training and hopefully making a living...