Oh Dear !

Last Update: May 22, 2020

It's official the world is in deep doo doo.

Europe is entering one of the deepest recessions known to woman and mankind. Some leaders of the free world are suggest that we take anti malaria drugs and disinfectant to battle COVID 19. Others are denying that it exists at all. And Everybody Hates China. And what's more, one of the countries above believes it's still the main superpower in the world??

I know some of you will hate me for that!!

And people are still dying.

Are people mental? Even if the level of deaths is below 100 per day does that make it OK for lock downs to ease.

I understand the need to try to find a balance between health and safety and economy! No one wants to be out of work or on the breadline, apart from maybe the Brits who are being paid to have a forced holiday on the beach due to the unreasonably nice weather being experienced there at present.

But the facts are startling! Retail sales in the UK are down by 68% thereabouts over the last 2 months. Primark one of the largest employers in the UK and parts of Europe have taken no money for two months as they don't have an online presence. Rolls Royce are laying off people left right and center and don't even start about the airlines.

Yes it's all doom and gloom!

Or is it?

For people like us trying to make a living on line, the future is not quite as gloomy. Online Sales are actually up. The European online market revenue reached a value of 281.5 billion U.S. dollars that year. Approximately 311.4 million consumers are currently active on the e-commerce market. May 20, 2019.

So is this our time? the time when the affiliates take over the world? The time when everyone who loses their job resorts to the internet to put food on the table for their families.

I kind of hope not ! Because if everyone is online trying to do what we are trying to do who do we sell to? There have to be consumers who have no idea of how to become affiliates otherwise we lose the edge and in turn become the unemployed.

This of course is why it is so important to have a niche! Kyle and Carson and many of the the long-standing members here at Wealthy Affiliate have known this for quite a while. And it is something which I have come to understand. You have to play to your strengths. Talk about what you're good at. Otherwise, we are basically street market traders flogging our whares to anyone passing by.

So yes there will be many people joining us here at Wealthy Affiliate and other platforms. There will be many people who are scammed before they find us here in this safe little haven and what will we do? We will welcome them and nurture them!

But the day may come when we have to close ranks and say if your names not down you're not coming in.

Get busy people!

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    Carson2 Premium
    If we listen to uninformed officials and others with no medical background...well...maybe they should go help out in the hospitals. See if their self remedies get them through this mess.

    I know this wasn't the main point of your article, but lordy, how stupid can people be?
    roamy Premium
    Yes there will be many people being scammed before they find an honest platform like WA( I should know, been there)
    It`s true the economy looks "scary" right now, but when it`s so low, it can only get back up sooner or later.
    Let`s all hope the terrible virus is soon a distance memory,I`m tired of living in fear, not for my job but for my health.
    zydegeaux Premium
    They should let younger people without prior health issues go back to work. That's the only way to build herd immunity. The vast majority of people who get it only suffer mild symptoms. I know a guy who is very distresses over not being able to visit his 85 year old father. If he had had the virus with mild or no symptoms he would have immunity and could see his dad.

    If from the beginning they had quarantined sick and the elderly and let everybody else go about business no more people would have died than the number that have now.
    Nellya Premium
    Indeed, I feel very welcome at WA! It’s a good place to be!
    LMH1968 Premium Plus
    Great info and very true