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Have you been contemplating the upgrade to Windows 10, well there are a number of key features of Microsoft’s new operating system that are designed to benefit both end users and the enterprise as a whole.Here are seven compelling reasons why you should consider upgrading to the new and improved Windows 10 for your business.1. Enhanced user experienceArguably most important feature of Windows 10 is the seamless transition from the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems, providing users the fam
October 13, 2015
Just a real quick update on the recovery from my ACL Reconstruction 3 weeks ago today.Things are going real well, I know there is still a long road ahead to be completely 100% but so far so good. This week I returned to my normal job as IT Manager from my Forced R& R and actually driving into work. Initially I thought I may have had to catch public transport for a week or 2, but as the recovery has been going so good I can drive. Well I do have a brace that bends (restricted bending at pres
September 24, 2015
Well it has come to that time for some "Forced R&R".It's been over 3 years now since my last surgery and that was to have the Thomas Plate put in for a High Tibial Osteotomy (basically it was to stop bone on bone grinding in the knee...YEEK). Don't worry I wont go into the gruesome side of what was done, but I have attached the X-Ray image of the plate & screws. As you can see in the x-ray I had a T-Plate & 8 screws "installed" on the right leg.... It fixed the issue of bone on bone
September 17, 2015
It all started Wednesday afternoon... A massive lighting storm hit Brisbane QLD, any by the purest worse luck of all a lighting strike hit our Office Building :-) This is where everything started to go down hill very fast --- actually immediately. The lighting strike fried out UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), at least it saved all the servers and network equipment.Well yesterday morning it was scramble time. the UPS was dead, had a horrible smell to it - "Electronic Death" and I had to think f
September 08, 2015
I came across a great way to rotate calls to action this morning and I wanted to share this.I have the Wordpress Calls To Action Plugin installed on my website onlineincomescamfree.comI had been looking for away on how I could rotate the WA long narrow banners in my Sidebar, well I think I found the ideal way this can be done. You don't need to specifically use the WA banners, this could be done with any call to action that you wish to display.The way it works s that you create 3 new CTAs, now
August 30, 2015
Do you ever feel that sometimes your just going around in circles?Last week was a bit of a strange one for me, it seemed as I didn't achieved a great deal, also I've felt like I haven't been too active here at WA, suppose that's what happens from time to time. I'm not sure why I was feeling that way, my motivation is still there, may have been a little drained, and a bit of writers block (not that I call myself a writer.... 😉).I did finally find time to finish Course 1 of
August 21, 2015
You gotta love where you live.We don't live in a rural area, nor is it a heavily dense suburban area, it is a great area we love.Yesterday afternoon I was picking my youngest up from my in-laws house and as I got to their driveway I spotted 2 wallabies, I was just hoping that they would hang around just for a little so I can get my youngest daughter to show her.Lucky for us they did :-)Sorry the pic isn't that clear, it was around 5:30pm and I grabbed it on the iPhone.My daughter was so excited
August 20, 2015
Things are starting to fall into place, and can only improve.I logged into check my emails and see what was happening around the WA community and to my amazement I had an email which had the subject of "New Subscription"...A few weeks ago I installed a subscription plugin, not knowing whether it would work or not, but it looks like I have generated interest from my site and got a subscriber.Wow I have got my very first organic subscription to my web site, and what is even better they also left
WAHOOO..Today has just started off fantastic, just logged in to WA and I find I have broken through into the top 200. How Awesome is this and it is 1 day shy of me being here at WA for 2 months, this has given that boost I needed.Yes I did have this down as one of my short term goals, but I can tell you I was not expecting to achieve this in less that 2 months of joining Wealthy Affiliate.Onwards & Upwards....I am still plugging away at adding content to my webpage and the next goal is to s
Social Media Icons in Header file:Ever thought that sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a Word Press Plugin that can create your Social Media icons in the right place you want, or in the style you want? If your Theme doesn’t include Social Media links well here is a solution for you.The first time I used this technique was on a friend’s website, they wanted to have specific Social Media icon design & links within the header of their website so they would show on all pages. You coul