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Last Update: February 02, 2015

Today - This day

Today I had planned to do a blog on keeping abreast of events in my WA world. Today I had such a well-planned day with a whole range of events.

Somehow it just did not work out that way.

Today turned out to be a day that just did not follow the beaten track. Have you ever have one of those days that just don’t follow the mold.

My Plan

My plan was straight forward –

Drop my wife to her office and my daughter to her school before 6.15am – done that;

Return home - Drop my other out for public transport by 7.00am – did that

A woman died today

And here is where it begins to go wrong – dead in the street is a woman (I know her) - she got knocked down by a route taxi – while jogging – something she has down for as many years as I can remember.

Her son said that she did not deserve to die this way

Even now cannot conceptualize how she jogging on the pavement could get hit by this car that on the road – windshield mashed up – the two should in no way meet.

Police everywhere

Police everywhere – this is a major thoroughfare in our neighborhood – body on the ground – they can’t move until the DMO (District Medical Officer) views the body and authorizes them to move it.

Have to drop grand-daughter (3-year old) to school (she insist that I do it). Police close the road – have to make long detour – massive traffic pile up. Still got to do what you got to do.

Massive political upheaval

Massive political upheaval in my country – Attorney General, one of the two pillars of our democracy was caught in criminal activity – major crisis.

Have three assignments to complete today – able to complete the first one, require additional information on the second one – complete the third – however balance sheet doesn’t look right- need to review – out of time for today.

Prime Minister to address the nation

Prime Minister to speak to the nation at 4.00pm - Gone to pick up granddaughter from school 4pm- hurried back – no televised address – national address rescheduled to 7.30pm

That’s not good - have a Heads of Department meeting to prepare for – meeting carded for 7.30 pm - working, working, working (rare day for me) – finished my report - send it to print and to secretary

Wife’s home – happy, happy, happy

Wife home 6.30pm – we talk a bit – it got to go – delaying going to meeting – really want to hear what the Prime Minister has to say – leave 7.15am

Reached the meeting place – building closed – I have keys – one department head present with her children – open build – she promptly organizes their homework.

Everybody late – all want to hear the Prime Minister – all now want meeting cancelled – that was not going to happen.

Prime Minister fires 6 ministers

The Prime Minister address starts late – she proceeds to fire six (6) of her government ministers (Wow – talk about an iron lady).

Our meeting starts late – and guess what I left the report home – no problem I have a backup – I had sent the report to the secretary – unfortunately – she never opened the email – no copies available for anybody – proposed that I email it to everybody when I get home.

Oops it’s her birthday

Near end of meeting suddenly remember that February 3rd is my wife’s birthday – ask to leave, because I have to go and get the gift and it already late.

Manage to get the gift – manage to sneak the gift into the house. Have to get card sign, gift wrapped and strategically place for her to see it on the morning.

Gotta do what I gotta do

Still have to check my email, still have to do a blog, still have to see where I can get in some training, still have to pray, still have prepare for Tuesday which right now is 4 minutes away. (Cheryl wants me to make corn soup for her entire office for her birthday)

And your point is?

So what’s the moral of this story? Simple – Life happens and most times not how you expect it, and bad things happen to ‘good’ people. You still got to do what you got to do.

Many times in times like this it is easy to say ‘mañana’ but tomorrow never comes. And what happens if the next day has even more activity than this day – I have had many painful experiences with ‘mañana’, to learn that tomorrow never comes – all I have is today.

So make today count

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AndyJ Premium
Yup, always expect the unexpected! Enjoyed the blog.

Thanks for sharing.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Andy
AndyJ Premium
You betcha!
wardchambre Premium
That sounds like an awful day. I hope you feel better soon.I also hope you can compassion for yourself. It is hard to be productive when you are upset, and It seems much tragedy has occurred
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Angela

Thanks for your concern
mgnaga Premium
Sorry to hear about tragic accident, you have a tight schedule each day but you manage it keep going
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Molly
jazminf Premium
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, and you're right tomorrows not promised to anyone. Tell your wife I wish her a Happy Birthday:)
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Jazmin will do
jazminf Premium
You're welcome Paul:)
JJordie Premium Plus
It sounds like you are a government official person on some level or another. It also sounds that you and your wife work very well together and have worked out certain aspects of your home life. It also sounds like you got a lot of work done today whether you realize it or not. I am very sorry for your friend who got hit by the car. That never should of happened. I am not sure where she was jogging on the edge of the road or sidewalk. But regardless broad day light the driver was blind. It also sounds like you are a very strong person and can handle multi tasking very well and you only dropped the ball about the report because of the shock of the friend. I think that is acceptable. So all in all you were totally awesome. Over the next few days make a point of looking out your window and just breath and picture your granddaughters face and smile to yourself. Trust me this works I know. Best of luck
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Joy
No I do not work for the government - I am a pastor and run my own business (self - employed). My wife is an accountant.

That was just my take on today - it's 1.01 am here. I just did not want yesterday to spill over into today.

Thanks for your sharing I appreciate it.