Changed Theme AGAIN - New Seventeen Theme

Last Update: December 08, 2016

I have been frustrated with my theme. I just could not seem to gain the required skills to update it so i did not have portions that did not work. I LOVE my new theme. It was showen to me by Word Press as i update the plugins, themes etc. this morning. I am still a little challenged to get the "right' pages in from of people on Social Media.

I have chosen to select individual blog posts pages or other pages to direct people on various topics. I try to send people to portions depending on what I am promoting at the time. I do the same with the other pages for affiliate marketing, travel, health and overcoming. LOL

If any of you are willing, maybe you would check out my site. The latest blog post comes up first and they all may be too long.... but at the very bottom are the links to the pages. Any and all comments are appreciated. I even like the ones that make suggestions for improvements on content, style, page, blog, etc. etc. etc.

THANK YOU in advance.

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MKearns Premium
I've been holding off for the WP 2017 theme. Thank you!
OrenL Premium
I like the 2017 theme too! I think I will try on one of my niche sites.