Update April 7, 2016 website makeover and newsletter

Last Update: April 07, 2016

Hey WA friends,

This is a quick update in hopes we can stay in touch.

I know it looked like I was away, but I was here - busy working on a brand new makeover for my site. It took about a month to clean out my main site, pastortae.com, all the outdated materials and then to offer for the first time new audios and even videos. It really felt like organizing a garage!

Once it got organized, I revisited the newsletter campaign, MailChimp. I like many things about it and will someday write about my experiences.

But for now, this is just a quick update to tell you that I'm still alive and kicking and the makeover is almost complete and the FIRST newsletter will be launched Thursday afternoon, April 7, 2016. You are more than welcome to subscribe for the FREE resources, etc.,but also to check out how I am doing it and offer any tips.

The subscription can be found as a widget on the sidebar of www.pastortae.com.

Best of luck to you all in your own journey.

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JeffBoivin Premium
You inspire me Thanks ! Jeff
WillyDee Premium
Hi Pastor Tae, loving the site. My only comments would be that the 'BLUE' heading makes it hard to see the top icons/tabs. Otherwise awesome, stay blessed. D
PastorTae Premium
Yes. You're right. I'm trying different things. Thanks