What is PPC

Last Update: December 08, 2013

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hart48 Premium
Now it makes more sense. Thanks.
CarlaWms Premium
Thanks, this gave me a better understanding. I knew what the letters meant but not the application of it per se.
part290861 Premium
My blog tomorrow will explain more
BlueDot Premium
To add to this - you bid on highly targeted Keywords relevant to your websites content or industry. You set up an ad campaign which appears on google ads. When somebody clicks on your ad you pay for that click. So if a keyword is $0.20, then you would pay this amount for each and every click. Campaigns are set up by yourself based on demographics , budget limit and time of day. Because you are paying Google your ad will appear on the first page based on your ad spend and campaign settings. You need to know what you are doing here, otherwise you will be throwing money away with no conversions - Keywords also vary in price depending on their popularity.
AlexSol Premium
PPC means Pay Per Click. This is when you, as advertiser, pay for every click to your ad. The most common platforms for this are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, there are hundreds of others.