Christmas & New Year

Last Update: December 17, 2013

To All

I will be away in Africa spending quality time with my family which is fantastic. I leave this Sunday. It is always nice getting a gift for Christmas, but for me spending time and especially quality time with family is the most important.

I do not get to see family often and being able to do things together and have fun is just great. With pictures and videos you can reflect back on those happy times we spent together.

I would like to wish all in my network friends, my friends globally and all my family including cousins a very HAPPY and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Will speak to you all in 2014.


John Partridge

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IslandMike Premium
Thank you for the Christmas and New Year's greetings! We have done many big parties in years past -- this year just a quiet one!
Mark Tait Premium
Hi John - I'm close to my wife's family, but a few hundred miles from my own parents/sister/brother-in-law-nephews - have a great time over Christmas and New Year with them - I'll have a great time with one half of my family, and then see the other half early in the new year hopefully!

All the best, Mark