New Year, New Surge of Activity

Last Update: January 06, 2014

This is an exciting time here at Wealthy Affiliate because the new year always seems to bring a surge of new activity in things like business opportunities. People who have been looking for an excuse to take the plunge into online business use new years resolutions as their excuse to finally take action.

It makes me sad to know that many of the newly inspired people who've made their own online business a new year's goal will get sucked into scams. Happily, Wealthy Affiliate is building up a larger presence all the time, so many will find this community and have a real opportunity for 2014.

I'm glad I found Wealthy Affiliate a little ahead of the curve. I stumbled on it around Thanksgiving and was able to take advantage of the Black Friday special. Still, even at full price, the year long membership is well worth the cost. I know many people can only afford to do it month by month, but for those who can swing it, the year membership is truly the best option. When you commit to something for the long term, you take it more seriously.

Welcome to all the new faces here. You've come to the right place! It's the beginning of a new year, and if you apply yourselves, it's also the beginning of an exciting new business journey that will take you places you never could have imagined over the next 12 months.

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Gordi Premium
I initially went monthly, just to be sure that this was as good as I thought it was. When black friday deal came along I decided to take the plunge. To get this kind of support from such an amazing group of people, along with Kyle and Carson for less than 82 cents a day? What's there to think about?
talimont1 Premium
It is exciting. I can feel a swell happening for 2014! Great one!

Karyskis Premium
WA is such an amazing community with a lot of offer. I also found WA at the Black Friday special. The more I have learned, the more I realize that Black Friday special is amazing ;) Best wishes!!
Trialynn Premium
Yep, we need to warn those poor people about all the scams! Help each other and all be a wonderful community!
KD6PAO Premium
Good post! I also got aboard around Thanksgiving and just cannot get enough of all the information available here at WA! I was also fortunate enough to get on with the Black Friday Special! Took me 24 hours after getting the Starter membership. It is a great value, even though I would have paid x10 knowing now what this is all about. I hope Kyle or Carson don't read this - they may come back after me ! LOL. Those two guys have down, and still are doing, an amazing service to all of us who are victims of our governments failure with our economy and workplace situation!