Overcoming Obstacles

Last Update: April 01, 2015

I believe we are all going to encounter obstacles along the way in our lives. What matters is how we overcome those obstacles and that we do overcome them and keep climbing toward our goals. Have you had any obstacles to overcome lately? Did you work around them and continue on your desired path?

Sometimes we are our own obstacles. We have our doubts about those paths that we have chosen or we don't have enough confidence in ourselves to complete the tasks. Sometimes we give up before we've even given it our very best. Well, let me tell you, folks, you can accomplish what you set out to do. Especially here at Wealthy Affiliates where we have all the training and education we need to set up a business, build a website, help others by answering questions, and just be here to listen and encourage those of us who are having doubts about ourselves or lacking the confidence to continue the trek to success.

Every time I have the feeling that maybe I can't do this, all I have to do is read some of the posts made by others or I get an e-mail where someone has written a blog about the very thing I have had doubts about. The environment is incredible here and it has really been a blessing to me.

I had one particular obstacle last night. We had a thunderstorm and I turned the computer off but didn't unplug the modem. Well, the lightening got my modem so we don't have internet service at home right now. But I called our provider and they are sending a new modem free of charge that should be here in the next day or two. So, I'm sitting up here at the real estate office whereI work out of sometimes, writing this blog and hope to get a few other things done while here. WhenI get home I will possibly work on some pages on my websites, writing the content on the computer notepad and then transfer it to my website as soon as I get my modem and get it set up. Obstacle overcome!!!

Just remember, Positive thoughts create positive results, but it also requires positive actions!

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HelenpDoyle Premium
And one obstacle you can easily overcome is thunderstorms as long as you turn off your power points (or pull the plugs out if you don't have a power point switch) after you turn off your appliances and equipment. The only things in our house that are on at all times are the fridges and freezer.
dmbrooks Premium
A simply wonderful post we are all in this together and can achieve anything as long as we don't stop working towards our goal. Thank you Pam.
PamBrown Premium
Thanks for reading. It's great knowing that folks from all over the world can come together and help each other toward a better life.
supersaint1 Premium
Thanks for the post!

I've been unlucky enough to lose two computers to lightning surges over the years, and it finally taught me the lesson. Everything gets unplugged at the first hint of thunder, and it stays unplugged if I'm going to be away from the house for awhile.
PamBrown Premium
You are so right! It had been so long since we had a storm like that that I didn't get to it fast enough. In fact, I was fixing to unplug it but turned around to answer my husband first.... if I had gone ahead and unplugged it the lightening may have gotten me!!!!