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May 04, 2015
I'm sure most of you have heard the saying, "The Mind is Like a Parachute, it works best when it's open." Well, this is so true. You just have to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. You have to be willing to listen to others and keep an open mind about what they are saying. You may think that your way is the correct or perfect way, but someone else may have different ideas that might make things just a little bit easier or just a little bit better. But you won't know unless y
April 01, 2015
I believe we are all going to encounter obstacles along the way in our lives. What matters is how we overcome those obstacles and that we do overcome them and keep climbing toward our goals. Have you had any obstacles to overcome lately? Did you work around them and continue on your desired path? Sometimes we are our own obstacles. We have our doubts about those paths that we have chosen or we don't have enough confidence in ourselves to complete the tasks. Sometimes we give up before we'