Time To Say Hello Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: May 31, 2020

Hello everyone,

This post is for everyone, and especially for WA lovers and newbies who are starting to love Wealthy Affiliate!

I have written 3 posts here so far, this is my 4th.

The reason is because I returned to WA with a mission to succeed in my business, and I am trying to stay focussed on my business for the most, that is my priority and that of everyone here.

There are tons of successful members that perhaps have more time and more wisdom to share experience here, so mine I consider it yet not so relevant.

As an active promoter of WA in my website I do let them speak for me, because they know better, and there will be no better example for new joiners.

I am focused also in connecting with those who trust me and come to Wealthy Affiliate for the first time, they are the real people to connect with for me, I want them to succeed, that will benefit them and me in the long term, of course.

As long as they are here and working towards their goals I am ready to help them. So I am not active in chat or profiles or any other in general, except for some specific questions, things that I believe really I can help and support here and there and asking questions myself.

I do value the tools of communication at WA, but to me they are specifically to acquire more and more knowledge, and to give mine when I can.

I just want to mention a few things that some may agree, some may not. But I really don't care, I am not writing to be liked or disliked. Neither I am writing to rank this post anywhere.

I am talking from my own experience here at WA and whatever comes out my mouth, I will take full responsibility for it, and it is coming right now.

No keyword research for this post! Maybe I should have... Naaaa! I want to spit it out only!

About Personal Blogging

I say maybe is a bit enough. Really people, we are here for business. I know all of you are great people and really want to share your lives, but this is not the place for that.

Either way, free of speech, do as you wish. I am not judging, but I think at this point there is some general consense about this.

For Newbies reading this, as in any community, there are thousands of minds, and this is a community of intelectual people for the most.

Smart people who want something better in life, and sometimes they slip their experiences, even personal, with the good intention of making others aware or just because they have made friends through time here and they find refuge.

Regardless of the good intention or the reason, is up to you whether you want to connect with other souls, or you want to connect with others who provide value in terms of business, not only with a tutorial or a training but with valuable stories as well.

And is natural also that some people will not like it or disagree with the personal stuff. As this is a 1.5 million people community, not everybody will like everything. That is normal. Nothing to be scared about.

Even in your own family there may be someone you don't listen, or don't like his speech.

To me when a life event has an impact for good for others to learn business and gives that value here, then is the exception. Everything else. I personally do not follow. Sorry folks, nothing personal.

Eventually it may be entertaining, but when is really bad or negative, with all the pain for who suffers, I stay away.

I am not a stone, I have a family, I have 3 children. I am doing this to give them more of my presence, something I can't right now, so I don't have time to hear about things that will make me sad. And that is all you will hear about my life at WA.

As what does it give me to share details about my life, or what does it give you, in terms of the reason we all are here?

Eventually some people need to express their sadness for an event with the people they consider family here, and that is fine, but some do it as a daily routine. That is my opinion only.

Like I said, free of speech, free of listening.

I just recommend newbies to focus in your new business, that is what you came here for in the first place, and that is what you will never do if you distract with non-business topics, which you will see, and you should filter out to start with.

After you can see and if you feel identified with anything else, you can build other type of relationship, but your business must always come first.

Don't get me wrong, we are taught business here in the form of a blog, and that needs a bit or warm-heart and care for your audience, so we are not to be robots, just to know that being helpful helps your business, but for that you dont need to share or know what is the favorite color of every person.

Not a reason at all to leave Wealthy Affiliate, as you can be still focused, and indeed if you are ahead of your game, you can have some fun with some more personal or trivial posts...

About being a Wealthy Affiliate and training here.

I trust this platform.

There are other options out there? Definitely there are.

Better than Wealthy Affiliate? Not that I know about. I have been trying many things, I was scammed, robbed and believed I had found gold.

Just to crash and burn every single time.

Then, I found Wealthy Affiliate. Never thought something so good was possible online.

What I did... I got back to the hamster wheel... Big Mistake.

So I am back, but this time I know that I wasted my time, and I had the Gold Eggs Hen in my hands...

Shame on me. But nobody is perfect. Everybody learns their lesson.

For newbies: (I am a newbie but not that newbie, I am quite tech savyy and I have a strong background in online marketing from trial and error through the years, I have managed to filter what is good and use it to add to my set of skills acquired here, and I have a lot of knowledge and expertise on this platform, but I am sure I can still learn a lot).

So paraphrasing, for newbies in the full extent of the term: No matter what you hear, no matter what you see in posts, the training here at Wealthy Affiliate is the foundation for any successful online business. Stick to that and nothing else, at least at first.

You can diversify your knowledge, and surely there is people here that will agree and know how, and will show you all the branches needed to your success, and they use them, yet they are still at WA, and many of them are trully successful, to the point that they will never leave Wealthy Affiliate.

Many extremely succesful businesses, very successful businesses, starting to be successful businesses, or just starting businesses like yours, are happening here at Wealthy Affiliate day in and day out, and that is something that everybody agrees: is due to the training received here, which worked, continue to work and will continue to work, with variations here and there of course as things evolve.

Some things may have changed or will change, thus trust Wealthy Affilaite will adapt to those changes and improve for the seek of your success, is not for no reason that WA has been in business and helped so many people to achieve their financial freedom, for so many years, I believe 15 at least, I may be outdated on that.

They have innovated all along the way, they keep innovating, I have seen huge changes from my last time here to now, in just 2 years.

And there are plans that have been communicated for upgrading the necessary features, training or support.

That in consultation with who? With the very own members.

So if somebody wants to say "Good Bye Wealthy Affiliate", no one can stop you, but feel free to do it resiliently, without making statements of poor or outdated training, because you have benefited from this training a lot more than what you have probably thought about, and a lot more than you definitely pay for.

For Newbies: Wealthy affiliate has not increased their monthly fee just until recently but adding some bonuses to the new cost, and that was after 15 years!

This "Leaving Making Noise" I have seen happening a few times, maybe is time for a change, maybe Wealthy Affiliate no longer provides, then just state that. Others really are hoping they are in a safe place to learn online business, and in fact they are.

And those who are staying there is no forcing, you can also leave if you feel you don't get enough here, but if you are staying, please do not make bigger the noise.

I myself considered paying a bargain for a full year of service at Wealthy Affiliate Premium, just because during my Free Starter Trial I got so much value.

To be honest, I pay around a dollar a day, I just had to quit on buying Snickers... Double bonus!

For Newbies:

I repeat this, trust that wealthy affiliate will give you the proper education needed for your online endeavors and take you hand on hand to success, as many others you will hear or see in this platform.

Success is not just about money, is also about achievement, about milestones, about learning and being challenged and succeed even in the small challenges.

Success is your first website, success is you setting it up, success is saying..." now what?" and finding the answer.

What others do should not influence what you believe, and believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best. You should not quit wealthy affiliate training or throw your progress influenced by someone saying "adios".

That is why I say is time to say Hello Wealthy Affiliate for you. Maybe to say Good Bye for others.
And that is also expected to happen in any community of this size and importance. Even we said goodbye to our own family for good, and we can tell them "I leave because I hate living with you or I am leaving because is my time to find my way".

Newbies: Never quit WA on others decisions or posts. Or anything in life for the matter.

How many times we stop doing something we even love, for what we heard about. Get proof first, get real data.

And this applies to me too, you don't have to stay because I say is the best.

But I see more people saying Hello Wealthy Affiliate than Goodbye. That is for sure.

I try here to reflect for you what I have and experience myself.

In the end whether you will be successful or not, here or not, depends on you only.

But here you have some What to do, How to do, Why or Why not to do that you will really need, and you will treasure.

It is not just about training

At Wealthy Affiliate I have:

  • "Fort Knox" Secure hosting
  • Space to build and grow many websites
  • Daily learning experiences and ideas
  • Most of the tools I need for my business. There are some tools I have to find outside, like email marketing, but there are free options and they are great with all the needed to begin.
  • Jaaxy lite, I don't have to upgrade and I can do a lot of research that would take going to 10 different websites
  • Live events that 99.99% of the times I assisted, live or recorded, are of my full satisfaction and give me more of what I need to be equiped with.
  • A training library with lots and lots of evergreen and useful training. That grows every day with our members input, in the most modern topics, today I saw something really great about podcasting.
  • Support that is unseen in any help desk. Responses are quick, to the point, helpful and 99% of the time, any technical or even not so technical issue will be resolved, 24/7/365.
  • A system to track your progress, to know where you are at all times, that is guys invaluable
  • Access to all he above for money that I can pay, and it doesn't kill my budget

You can find all the above free online or on YouTube, maybe, definitely?... Maybe you will not know that you found it, it may have a label that doesn't tell you exactly what you are learning or what it will be useful for in the long term.

I challenge anyone to organize the knowledge in youtube to be some resemble of Wealthy Affiliate in terms of training and resources, and the time that is spent for that worth less than what we are paying here (Premium).

In the end content in YouTube aims to views for the most. Think of that.

Newbies: You are in a safehaven at Wealth Affiliate, I do not mention everything else that is good here because the list would be too long, but rest assured there is much more.

Needless to say that you are safe from "Scam City" at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am bias because is true to me.

When I came this second time to Wealthy Affiliate, and ever since, my life has a different meaning. And I mean it.

I will not share the details. I just tell you I work away from home, for many months at a time, for the past 15 years. And I feel and believe that I am doing something that will change that. The rest you can imagine the why or not, but I don't really care if you do or not and I don't expect you care for me more than I get success in the form that I see success, as much as I care for yours, in the form that you give to it (Financial Freedom, Side Income, Multimillionaire, Just Develop Skills, Make something meaningful for your life, stay away of trouble, for your family, for your girlfriend, all success in my dictionary).

I am seeing my first results already, results of significance. I have given a lot of steps and the sun is coming shy in the horizon. Will I quit now?

I started 2 and half months ago, but I know where I am going and nothing will stop me.

And here I find and have everything I need.

And is not because I paid for one year, that was my choice, I didn't have to. That I already got paid back in hundreds of ways.

It is necessary to appreciate value sometimes, and is so hard in a world of crap.

Not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Nothing will stop me.

Is anything going to stop you?


Feel free to like or dislike verbally. I really don't care about that neither if my post is just ignored.

This was my contribution to newbies who may feel a bit lost at points at WA, something that I don't remember to have felt before when I was really new.

Guys, don't worry, you are in the right place.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well said, Pablo! I'm here for the long haul to, regardless ow what anyone thinks of me! This is the best place to be in my opinion, regardless of anyone wanting to be a hater. I can ignore those and continue to cultivate and harvest a great many true friendships here. WA is the best of all worlds. It boast the vibrant Wealthy Affiliate community where we should all feel safe talking about our lives, our triumphs, our trials, etc. We can also get help from many learned individuals when we are stuck--ALL IN ONE PLACE--no need to go to face book to carry on with the drama there, why not right here with people who are like minded individuals! WA is truly an all-in-one place, if some people decide to let it be! Loved your post, my friend!

Best continued success to you here!

Joes946 Premium
That’s the beauty of the WA platform. It’s a platform for growth. Everyone has and is encouraged to begin blogging.
Most are intimidated and don’t know how to even start.
We try to encourage them to just get started. Maybe their personal story is the place to begin, but this not just a social platform.
There is room for growth and we hope everyone will grow here.
Vickic3 Premium
What a great post-Pablo
I also get so tired of personal post irrelevant to business growth
I came here in June 2018 to learn all I can about Affiliate Marketing and I am learning some amazing things as I grow more and more and the resources within the platform are great.
So many awesome members giving their time to help train people in different areas of online marketing and I am so grateful for the extra resources here
as for posts in here.
Well. 10 posts the other day and 5 were not relevant to business building at all.

If every member shared their personal life here the place would be empty as it would be a social media platform and some days it feels like this
Perhaps Kyle or Carson could write a post telling members what this platform is for as it certainly is not to share our home life, sadness, illnesses, loss of loved ones etc.
I feel peoples pain and this really gets to me emotionally which isn't ok as I am here to focus and build.
Thank you
PabloWA Premium
Hi Vicky.
People needs to find refuge sometimes. If that is the case I understand. For a daily thing I think is too much.
Vickic3 Premium
I hear you and understand Pablo but every day it's an occurrence and it is so tiring when you are wanting to learn more and see such a lot of personal stuff being aired
PabloWA Premium
Like I said we are free to share what we pleased. My post is that the newbies dont get confused.
Vickic3 Premium
Good work Pablo :)