Help Me, I’m A Procrastinator!

Last Update: December 16, 2018

Since starting here back in June 2016 I’ve been working really hard on my genealogy website. I’ve built a site that I can be proud of and it has earned me a decent amount of money so far.

But since the birth of my 3rd child in September I have found it hard to get back in the game.

I took time off to spend with the family. I wrote one post in October and I thought I was going to be able to keep it up. I then didn’t do anything until yesterday when I put a guest post on the site.

I’m still working at my current job, and spending time with the family. But any free time I have I just watch TV or take it easy, rather than working on my site.

I probably need to bite the bullet and get my head down and work on a post to get me going. I just need to find the time though what with everything that’s going on in my life.

Anyways that’s my rambling so if you have been wondering where I’ve been now you know.

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BryceNielsen Premium
I know this blog post is from quite a while ago, but I just saw it.

If you're still having issues with writing content, I am wondering if you can write something about your own family history research. You have a lot of posts, and I haven't looked at all of them yet, but I didn't see anything pop out that looked personal. I presume that you are passionate about genealogy research or you wouldn't have chose this as your niche.

I read a few of your posts - they almost all seem to be product reviews, whether free or paid, yet I didn't see you talking about your own experience of using the products or websites. That would make it harder for me to want to follow your advice if I were there looking for the best products to use.
OwainCouch Premium
Hi Bryce,

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and my posts.

When I began my site I wrote 20 informational posts before my first product review. I would say two thirds of my posts are informational. During the last stages of my writing they were mostly reviews.

I have interjected my opinion from time to time, and tried to make them feel personal. Only a few products I have tested, like Family Tree Maker, Ancestry, and Find My Past where I have expressed my opinion upon.

Where I haven't purchased a product/service that I have reviewed I have tried to give my best opinion, as well as give other people's opinion.
BryceNielsen Premium
It seems like you have made a good mix of content after all. I just didn't read enough to see it.

I have been reading some blogs about blogging, and some suggest that Google ranks your content faster if you have a mix of informational content and promotional content. I think that would be most true for the most recent content.

The reason I suggested more personal posts is that it seems like they would be easier to write, require less research, etc. Ironic because I'm kind of stuck on what to write about next for my own website.
OwainCouch Premium
Yep, personal posts are easier to write but that's not what my site is about. There are plenty of family history sites out there showing people their family trees and their research.

I wanted a site that gives simple and easy to follow advice, (as well as reviews for products and services of course).

As I've said before I have mixed in my own opinion from time to time in posts.

You could try a google search on your subject and see what search terms come up. Then write posts for them.
JulietAA Premium
Hi Owain, this happens to us all at some point in life.
Get something that motivates you.
Don't let anything stop you.
Remember your WHY for building your site.
Yes! You can!
OwainCouch Premium
Thanks Juliet. Time is precious right now and it can be difficult to find the time now that I have 3 kids. Oh well, I'll get there.
Dave-S Premium
Lol. You could have taken this time to work on your post...
OwainCouch Premium
At the moment I only have ideas for reviews, and they take a lot of work :-(