The bad things about social media: Another facet Gurus rarely mention

Last Update: March 23, 2019

To begin, I am pro social media marketing and how a good campaign on social media may earn somebody some fortune.

But what?

Wanna mention the bad things about social media!

may find gurus here at WA convincingly talking about the usefulness being strategist on social media and how this can be effective in online affiliate marketing.

===>But what are other sad truths about online marketing and social media? If my target is a good reach and traffic on my website, then what about the civilizations, family backgrounds, origin, brief the "purchasing power" of my audience?

"Purchasing Power" refers to the extent to which someone has available funds or saving to PURCHASE goods or services.

More concretely, purchasing power can also refer to money or credits that is available for someone to spend on consumption of goods and services.

If you're living in developed countries, this might sound weird or unreasonable, but your sound understanding would unveil to you the truth of this saying of mine: "You can shrink from doing whatever wrongdoing, but can never your background, never your origin!" Look at how it might be wrong to generalize hints on social media marketing:

Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, and the like

===> Sad truth: Look back deep on your Facebook friends repertoire! How many foreign friends do you have, I mean those from outside your country? You'll find that 70 to 80% of your friends on social media such as Facebook, twitter, and the like are of the same citizenship as you!

If you want to monetize your site it's pretty easier for guys from countries with high purchasing power to do so!

But what:

===> about someone who's got 10k followers of his countrymen and women because s/he's the first one in his district to have set foot into an airplane? But who's from a country with GPD that is below the threshold?

===>about someone who is got 100k friends on Facebook can only read their mother tongue or indigenous languages?

===>about someone who's got good ideas to share on social media but also is followed by a considerable number of elites with little purchasing power?


Appeal to gurus and online marketing consultants

I have seen a lot of people devoted to helping other people even in this online marketing business. And here at WA and probably elsewhere, HELPING visitors is the primordial thing one must have to be successful with online affiliate marketing

===>Would we please think of some sort of INCLUSIVE ONLINE AFFILIATE marketing where we would develop and individualize social media strategy campaigns to cater for the needs of those potential affiliate marketers from disadvantaged backgrounds?

Who knows?===>We may help avoid some drownings in the Mediterranean Sea!!!

Remember! A good deal of may have the power to pay monthly subscriptions for online course like this one at WA! But they're likely to quit not because they don't see the usefulness of the platforms and lessons but because they hardly find them contextual or suitable for their own background! And I share their feeling of loneliness and the question that keeps nagging in their hearts: "I'm vowed to everlasting failure due to a family background and environment I have not chosen?"

You will just one saying: "We know people from the same backgrounds you're talking about who've amassed fortune"... But did they do it while staying the those barren places?

They had to move....they made new friends from high purchasing power societies!!!!

Or simply they were disadvantaged in developed societies and emerged with good ideas, which is easier that doing the same when having 100k social media friends who don't earn $1/day!!

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BvVugt Premium
The difference in earnings between countries does make WA very expensive for many people. And I don't have a solution for that.

There is a lot of free training, help and support here at WA. So even without any money, people can start a website and an online business.

The key seems to be to find a target audience that can afford what you have to offer. If your language or background forces you to sell to people who have very little to spend, I don't see any other solution than to sell things that are cheap enough for them to buy.

It's hard. It will limit your options and isn't fair compared to people in wealthy countries who have a larger target audience. It's the reason I have made an English website, even though I'm not English. But I know that the market is much bigger in English than in my own language.

I wish I knew a solution for your problem, and for others who don't have a privileged background like I do.
Kav Premium
Well said.
The free bit of WA is enough to make a difference in anyone's life if determined.
JoePlale Premium
This has got me thinking in an entirely New Direction - - how do I an "ugly American", so-to-speak, appeal to people of other countries and other societies .. in fact how do I even get my information in front of them? I know this is a worldwide phenomenon - this internet thing - but for people who do not speak common English, I have no idea if/how any post I make would even reach them no less be understandable to them
Very interesting.
Creat a multi lingual website.
SondraM Premium
These are good things to think about.

Any person that wants to have a successful business or a succeful affiliate marketing website needs to do several things:

1. Identify who their target customers are.
2. Figure out what their potential customers need help with or want.
3. Find the places to promote what ever it is that you are selling to the customers that want it.

In my life, I sell multi-million dollar ranches. My Facebook friends and family does not consist of people that can afford a multi-million dollar ranch. So, I do not talk about ranches on Facebook. That would be a waste of time.

If I wanted to sell things to my Facebook friends and family, I would choose something they would be interested in. I might choose to sell cookbooks or candles to my Facebook friends.

When using social media, you have to consider which social media platform will appeal to the customers you want to find.

If you want to use your existing social media friends/followers, you have to find something to sell, that they will want.

That is a basic business principle.

Best wishes.
oscarndayiz Premium
Thank gives me another hint...