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After working for exactly months on my website, with around 50,000 words on my site, lots of learning on WA, completing course 4, I went to check my rankings today. Was I happy to find one of my product reviews on page 4 of Google, one on page 7 and one on page 8. Although I would have wanted to be on page 1 in the top rank, I was so happy that I have made it so far. That means that slowly but surely Google is finding my content and ranking it.I have around 10 organic visitors per week and t
This morning I woke up and wanted to check my analytics and see if something would have changed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. After working on my site for almost 4 months, and no traffic, I was thinking I must had done something wrong. I should have posted much more content than I have, but time has not allowed me to do that. However, i have consistently put up 1-2 articles per week. And no organic traffic so far. Anyway, I was super excited to see my organic traffic at 1 visitor this
So, I am officially through Course 2. I have built my own website and I am proud of it. There are a few content posts on my website for you to check out and make some comments. I am trying to document my success at weight loss, although I feel I am still jumping around a bit. I have written some articles about what I have been trying so far to lose weight. I would love to make my website a strong one, get lots of traffic and also make some money within the next 3 month
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November 07, 2017
Hi everyone, I just got my first website created! I have not had a website before in my life. This is very exciting. Soon a lot of stuff should be on there.