My success with the first 2 courses

Last Update: January 23, 2018

So, I am officially through Course 2. I have built my own website and I am proud of it. There are a few content posts on my website for you to check out and make some comments.

I am trying to document my success at weight loss, although I feel I am still jumping around a bit. I have written some articles about what I have been trying so far to lose weight.

I would love to make my website a strong one, get lots of traffic and also make some money within the next 3 months.

On the long run, I am going to work hard to make a business out of this and make an extra income. But more than that, it is my desire to help people lose weight successfully together with me and keep it off. I am going to update frequently on how I am doing.


Update: I wanted some money to flow in the next three months from writing this blog. Well, guess what, I am now almost 2 months later writing this update and no $$$ success yet, but I have learned soooo many things, that I am actually grateful for not earning money just yet. When I look back the past 2 months, it would have been too easy to earn money already. I need some more tools and I am slowly getting them, so I plan to go forward and not focus too much on the money, regardless of how desperately I want to earn money already. But I am working on success for the long run, not for the next year, but for years to come, hence my patience and hard work.

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JLennon Premium
Congrats, Oscar, on completing level 2. You are establishing a solid foundation. I know what you mean about jumping around. I think it's common. I sometimes feel the same way. You learn this by doing and you are doing. The balance will come. May you achieve much success.

- Joe