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Last Update: March 26, 2016

Hi Folks,

I would like to share a few words about my experience with Wealth Affiliate.

I don't want to want to name the company that I was going to join. I was supposed to become an eBay affiliate, where I would open up a store that my customers could buy products and the manufacturers does direct shipment of the product. I really wanted the experience the thrill of being a successful at this type of Internet marketing business. I was ready to invest about $10,000 using my credit cards to start this online business.

The company was to provide me a one-on-one training coach for a period of about 90 days this coach was a person who was already a successful Internet business person and he was going to show me the how to and if I followed his every step I would also be a success.

I was so serious about doing that I signed electronically a contract online with the firm. There was a law in California that gives you a 72 hour period to be allowed to break out on the whole business contract. That evening I got butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't sleep I was a nervous wreck I started asking myself why am I putting myself into this $10,000 debt there is no guarantee that I would be successful so the next morning I canceled my contract sent the company a letter.

Meanwhile my wife had investigated the company and found out it was a scam.

One of the tactics I wanted to mention about the company was that once you got on the phone and talk to a representative they had you on the phone for hours. I think one day I spent at least five hours straight. You don't even have a chance to think things out. Go to the bathroom. Or even get a chance to get a bite to eat or drink. And by the end of the day you are overwhelmed and never had time to think and all you wanted to do is go to sleep and recharge your body.

It was my wife who also found and recommended a safe opportunity to start a business online and it was free. I check it out. Yes it was Wealthy Affiliate and within a matter of two days I had joined with a free membership.

I didn't know anything about setting up a website and by the end of the second week I decided to try out a monthly premium membership. By the second month that I stuck it out, I decided to buy a yearly premium membership.

It has now been five months since I joined W A. I haven't made any money so far. However I had learned a lot about setting up a website. About plug-ins navigating through my dashboard. Learning things like banners and widgets and menus for posts and pages. How to set up test post and test pages for adding HTML codes. How to center the codes and links etc.... In the process I've learned about social media and how to interact with in the social media and having a good understanding of what I am doing. Which I never understood before.

It has taken more work for me because I didn't know anything. And I made my share of mistakes and there were moments I just wanted to quit. But then I told myself, I will put up with anything for the rest of the year. Yes I would love to have made some money. You'd be crazy if you wouldn't want to make money. For me WA has been a great learning process the training that one gets here at WA is very challenging and I would not recommend WA if you do not commit yourself 110%. But for me I made that commitment to myself. I wanted to challenge myself and find out where it takes me. And if you can make the same commitment for yourself then I think Wealthy Affiliate would be an excellent program to join.

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Elijah1916 Premium
Thanks for sharing this. We all need to be careful about how we want things so quick, that we do not have time to think. I am more cautious these days of rip off everywhere. There's a programme on TV here that exposes scammers, called 'RIP OFF BRITAIN'. How about that?
BarryJ Premium
I had a very similar experience. I'm glad you realized the truth early enough to get out of it.
ormbear Premium
Its nice to know that others also had the same experience. Thanks for the share Barry.