OUCH! This Gold Mine HURT! Nuggets Of WA Training

Last Update: July 20, 2019

As a continuation from my outbreak of failing at wealthy affiliate I want to share an update with you all about the never ending possibilities that this dynamic enterprise can result to from following the letter. And finding your focus from wherever it stems from.

Discovering Keyword Gold :)

Back when I started as some of you may know I was a sole bum marketer. ie "writing articles for instant rankings in google" It was very easy way back then. Today does require Authority and diligent work! unless you dig deep and discover the gold")

In that time 2008 my focus is the same as it is today, and in keyword research my focus is:

"Seek! And You Shall FIND" ...............

Through spending time, listening to epiphany and acting upon I discovered two un tapped no competition keywords in the self-help relationship niche:) And MONEY was made.

Those keywords I wrote articles for at ezine articles ranked in google for quite a long time. I also ranked my website for then. At a period I actually had three pages in the top five rankings. Over 1000 monthly searches each. he he those were good days.

These are now very high Comp now but I do have a Goal to take them back!:)

Level 3 Training! Taking Action And WACK:)

I have been powering through the training with open eyes, ears and experience. Which is proving to have some benefit.

I have just moved on to level 3 and inside Level 2 of the training Kyle's bit on keyword research inspired me to go out and SEEK!.

In to the Ocean of endless possibilities that the internet offers that Kyle pointed out in his stats of number crunching the coming years.

Low and behold I bump into another full set of high search volume keywords in a highly saturated evergreen niche that has low to no comp! And ranking websites. 2-3 on page one are 301 affiliate redirects. I am very excited at this.:)

This time round is the highway to longevity from which is outlined for us in the WA Training. I do notice from being active in people asking questions that there are many who are trying to fast track there progress, so I will take this brief moment to suggest to them to slow down and FOCUS on the training and complete each task one at a time. And then you can fly with confidence.

With going through the training I am updating my old niche sites. As well as entering into a NEW well researched extremely productive proven earner that is already doing well.:)

This month I cracked personal writhing records that are delivering. And google are indexing in no time. So fast that site content is missing the crawl.")

Keywords Are The Beating Heart Of Affiliate Success.

There are still and will always be GOLDMINES to find in keyword research, and it is something I spend crucial time on. Like mining gold, one can look here and there and find nothing. Others can adopt technology to scan an area to increase there likely hood to uncover the possibilities. Like Jaxxy the tools we have WE can mine GOLD!

Only FOOLS Rush In:) is a fav song. But not often heard in the past. But the word are loud today.

I am going to own these newly found search term from both my Website, and the bum marketing method of today to get fast third party rankings in google...:) ?

I'm Super Excited And Grateful

This new-found lease on is opening up many probabilities that are all possible from taking action! So much a tear jerks at this second.

BLESSED is what it is, You guys are all part of the backbone.

I thank everybody here:) New and Old, Experts and Beginners you are all pumping me UP to BE the best I can.

And God for hearing me! Blessing me with the helper he sent his son to deliver. Filling me daily with His wisdom.

My Dreams are by God Design. My Work is by His Guidance. And My Progress is From his grace.

It is all there in them there hills, Big and little endless amount of pots of gold.

We Are "WA" W ay'e the real WAY to make money finding keywords to rank #1 on google. The TRUTH to build long tern online success. And discover a LIFE of Freedom....

Thank For Stopping Friends. I truly pray we all find the way.

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seek pray and manifest your own golden keywords and high traffic:)

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    Vickic3 Premium
    I love Keywords!!! Keywords rock big time and so do you, my friend,
    Good to see you are writing in WA

    Blessing my friend
    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thanking you Vicki:)

    It feels soo good to let it out.
    Charging more and more everyday.

    Blessings to YOU!
    Vickic3 Premium
    How cool- keep on doing this :)
    Can you also pm me your link to the program :)
    JKulk1 Premium
    Very informative post Rob
    Even with all the great training available on keywords there are people that still don't realise their significance. Jim
    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thank you Jim.

    From reflection, the information overload becomes a distraction to fully realize there power and importance of being the ROOT to traffic and income.

    All the bestest

    DCarpenter1 Premium
    Great post Rob,

    Keyword GOLD ! - yes most certainly.
    "GOLDMINES to find in keyword research"

    I am "hanging on" to the last lesson in level 2 & excited to move on to section 3. It has just taken me soooo long, but I will not move ahead if I do not understand or do my homework.

    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thats brilliant Denis. super proud:)

    And no doubt reaping the rewards are upon you.)?

    11 years to just make the end of level to is the definition of patience LMAO But I am so I have got that far.

    I will be in the race and or right behind you at lightning speed with my new "Cheet Sheet" Ie confident to OutSource. Techniques.

    Go well and I am on your follow...

    Many Regards

    BElliott56 Premium
    Thanks for the awesome post. I still get lost in Evergreen Keywords. Would the evergreen keywords be the ones that say easy to rank?
    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thanks you good chap!:)

    "EverGreen Keywords" Are keywords that never go away and always on "hot" demand as in EverGreen Niche. Like the relationship niche. It has many sub niches that that humans will forever need/want help and guidance.

    Only easy to rank in today's IM with very ;low comp/long tail keywords. :)

    Which to my surprise can still be found.....

    by digging in and digging deep keyword diligence:)

    Let me know if you need more understanding?

    Cheers Rob
    BElliott56 Premium
    is it the same thing as low hanging fruit?
    TimMoto Premium
    Your worked had and kept the faith and it has apparently rewarded you very well. Nice story, great motivation and inspiring. NEVER give up...thanks for sharing!
    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thank you Tim. my inspiration is drawn from the many outside looking in years. Knowing I can help create clear direction is so motivating and rejuvenating.

    Wish you the very best.