My one KEY To Giving and Getting Great Comments From WA

Last Update: April 07, 2020

I LOVE the power of SEO that the WA Comments Section can offer. Andi have lots of extremely Applauding and Lovely comments published on my sites from our Valued Members. Thank YOU all very much:)

I also have a hole lot of comments waiting for approval because I hate to deliver rejection. Most of my rejection notices are 99% regarding this one very valuable KEY to having high quality SEO.


This quick blog is more for me to have a reference to my newly created rejection notice that I hope is gentle enough not to be offensive.:)

"I appreciate the time it may take apply the attention to make a positive comment for my content. A big dissapointment for me when receiving mainly newbie type comments is regarding the SEO Captain "Relevance".

As your comment was polite but to far off the topic. and a very repeated style of comment already on my site.

I am very sorry for this rejection, but I do hope it will help us both to be better:)

Be Blessed Rob"

Thanks for stopping over, I hope you are all doing soo well in your endeavors to be a Wealthy Affiliate. And I will continue to pray we are all safe and well in this New World Regulation lol.

Stay Blessed


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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - it appears that Kyle and Carson are now cracking down on those who are simply here to get cash credits from commenting.

Several members have mentioned in Live Chat that they have had their credits removed, and when you look at their profile, you can see that they have been here several months, but haven't even built a website.
OrgainITGuy Premium
That good news. I guess that would be good money for some countries.?
But you would think these people would try doubly harder to generate a useful comment.

Thanks for the heads up
Palatia Premium Plus
Rob, I hope you are safe and well as well. I don't have a problem rejecting comments anymore, especially if they probably can't understand a word I'm typing anyway. ;)

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Hi Robert,

Thank you for sharing this.
It is helpful to me as I am currently working on my own skill sets as a Site Commenter.

If any of my comments are rejected, I would appreciate the opportunity to know why.
That way I can learn and improve my skills and offering going forward.

Be safe. Be well.
megawinner Premium
You got the right mindset! Way to go. 🏆⭐🎯👍
OrgainITGuy Premium
Your welcome, thanks for appreciating

Cheers Rob
TracyWA Premium
I don't actually feel bad when rejecting comments. Most of the people appear to be there only to make money. I find this totally inappropriate; and if they are going to try to game the system, then I don't worry to much about hurting anyone's feelings.
megawinner Premium
When it comes to comments, just reject those that don't come up with your expectations.🏆⭐👍