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I LOVE the power of SEO that the WA Comments Section can offer. Andi have lots of extremely Applauding and Lovely comments published on my sites from our Valued Members. Thank YOU all very much:) I also have a hole lot of comments waiting for approval because I hate to deliver rejection. Most of my rejection notices are 99% regarding this one very valuable KEY to having high quality SEO. Relevancy!This quick blog is more for me to have a reference to my newly created rejection notice that I ho
Hello Fams:) I have just gone through all my channels to be 100% certain that I adhere to the NEW FTC and Youtube Rules, and I wish to alert and quickly recommend that you don't procrastinate doing such 2 minute action yourself.The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act CoppaAs this a NEW thing I am sure as things in the world have often done, a relaese like this will be POLICED and ENFORCED early on in the piece. All I had to do was go into my youtibe studio Beta (Classic des'nt have the set
Making money online isn't as hard as we can perceive to believe. Here in NZ when I say what I do on the internet most people look at me with a sideways like I must be one those Scammer dudes:). But I am not even trying to promote Make Money Online are anything related. The stats say that NZ is about six years behind the US in term of the future and tech. In the common world that is.... I don't know? What's it like for you. Today I want to quickly share an entirely FREE and ultra targeted Method
Some may feel threatened by Niche competition particularly in the competitive spaces of SEO. It can be a daunting excersize to see how GOOD other site's have collaborated and informal and interesting site that can leave you..... Sometimes hopeless to carry on. But if it is your PASSION! And you are determined to be more than better! with time, effort and out of the box thinking you can hit even long standing authorities of the top shelf.More about that t come. Today I just want to share the big
I Am.........I am pretty excited, gratful and priveledged to be here with you all. As this breath of fresh air is developing momntum and I do owe it all to you guys. I see each and everyy one of you as a very valued member of my TEAM!:) Every little like comment of support and inspiration is adding up as a big drive to BECOME the guy I set out to be from the Dreams I see that can be from having wealthy affiliate success.Short term Goals are getting checked of at lighting speed:)One of those goa
Kiwiboy was the boy who started here over 11 years ago, He made money affiliate marketing but he wasn't a go getter. He didn't take enough action. And his mind was full of far too much not so cool stuff. Don't get me wrong I did like the guy:)But he didn't really belong here. So he has been kidnapped and taken into the wilderness and left with nothing but the bare essentials and although I will always remember him! I hope never finds his way back.His life was not so bright right from the start
As a continuation from my outbreak of failing at wealthy affiliate I want to share an update with you all about the never ending possibilities that this dynamic enterprise can result to from following the letter. And finding your focus from wherever it stems from. Discovering Keyword Gold :)Back when I started as some of you may know I was a sole bum marketer. ie "writing articles for instant rankings in google" It was very easy way back then. Today does require Authority and diligent work! un
Mobile friendly website design is a given here at WA and is certainly obtained with the push of a button and/or a search for a responsive theme. And as we know with the recent release of our FREE upgrade to the paid version of the "KRAKEN" :) I love it thanks you WA.Mobile is certainly a prerequisite to staying in the game of SEO and very much a focal point to our wonderful developers of Wealthy affiliate and the training we are blessed with is constantly updated to optimize for mobile to ensur
Way back in 2008 I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate with HUGE aspiration's, Goals and DREAMS! I dived straight in after following the biggest name in "Bum Marketing" who is a was founding member here. I won't name this guy because he can't be found on the platform any longer. But back then the way to get free buyer traffic was super easy using ezinearticles for traffic and potent backlinks. Site rubix was so much more different but still super easy to use, so it seemed like a great Idea to sign u
June 18, 2008
IN 1907 the celebrated old chief Te Whiti o Rongomai,the prophet and leader, died at his town, Parihaka, in Taranaki. One ofthe finest speeches delivered during the mourning ceremonies of the tangihangawas that of Sir Maui (then Dr.) Pomare. He opened with the usual salutations to the dead and to the people. Then, addressing the spirit of Te Whiti, he said: Depart to the illustrious chiefs who have gone before, to thy brave comrades of old, to the Giver of war and peace. Go to that land from wh