Youtube & Law Changes! FTC Coppa Rules We Need To Comply

Last Update: November 13, 2019

Hello Fams:) I have just gone through all my channels to be 100% certain that I adhere to the NEW FTC and Youtube Rules, and I wish to alert and quickly recommend that you don't procrastinate doing such 2 minute action yourself.

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Coppa

As this a NEW thing I am sure as things in the world have often done, a relaese like this will be POLICED and ENFORCED early on in the piece.

All I had to do was go into my youtibe studio Beta (Classic des'nt have the setting}

Ckick on settings>Advanced Settings> Audience> and choose NO my audience is not for Children.

If you have a child related Channel you really want to make it clear to YouTube asap that you do, as a good saying goes:) The Early Bird Gets The Worm.

Here is the Official YouTube Creators Video about it

A child is regarded as under 13 year olds. I don't want to risk anything so I simply set to No My channel is NOT for kids:)

For a Complete and Detailed Run Down check out Reyhana's Post here

Many Blessings
Thanks for reading

And that you all have an EXPLOSIVE End yo the year!

Cheers Rob

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steeph Premium
Thank you for this! I just changed my settings as well
RDulloo Premium
Thanks for this, Robert.

I don't know why I didn't see your post earlier, lol! I thought nobody wrote about this so I just went and wrote a whole blog post about the new COPPA rules too.

But people need to know about this for sure so I guess another blog post about it doesn't hurt... :)
OrgainITGuy Premium
Hey my sis:) must be a great minds thang. !
I bet your blog is an extensive and intellect review
It is and I would be surprised if a few more get wrote too.

It is Important and our blogs come and go in the news feed, but getting caught out from simply not knowing or even forgetting could really hurt?

I am in no way legal savvy, but when something like this comes out it often "pays" big those enforcing industries.I reckon:( Yes its a masterpiece :)

RDulloo Premium
Thanks.. :) But you're right, it's better to know what's happening, from wherever it might be else it might take a bad turn for us.

And yes, it makes the FTC money, the governments. But at least Youtube gave us some time to go through things and to make sure that we're all compliant.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Thanks for this vital information, rules that could leave you unprotected should you not select your channel as either children or non-child related can often be overlooked and this simple declaration can save you time and hassle figuring out what went wrong later.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Welcome brother Andy.
Exactly and its sounds like it could also potentially be a big costly bite on the bottom lol.
Safe than sorry like.

Cheers Rob
starfalex123 Premium
Hey Rob,Thanks for sharing with us .All the best to you on your journey May you have continue success with your business.Have a great day.
OrgainITGuy Premium
How you doin Fitzgerald? :)
I wish you all the very best moving forward also
Brother. Thanks for stopping
You have a mean days also/

Cheers Rob
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing this vital information.
Darren :)
OrgainITGuy Premium
Very Welcome A team:)
thanks for stopping

Many returns