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Last Update: October 13, 2020

Google released a while ago. It shows ''Rising Retail Categories'' per country. The tool according to Google shows trends according changes in searches caused due to the Corona Virus. The records are updated on daily bases. Google trends is still function and can still be used to check on popularity of niches over time.

You must be aware of searches for products that are seasonal though. l recommend evergreen niches which allows you to earn income throughout the year. Another tip would be to choose a niche that allows you to review both heating (Patio Heaters) and cooling (Patio Coolers) equipment. This will allow you to create a website that will earn you income throughout the year.

How to use Google search trends to your advantage.

  • You avoid seasonal niches.
  • Can be used for content planning - post reviews of products likely to trend during a particular season on time.
  • Channel visitors to popular products depending on the season using floating bar or notification bars place at the top of your website using plugins such as ''Hello Bar''.
  • Advertise popular products that are trending to increase sales and Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Avoid guess work - l really though the search for ''masks'' would the most popular but alas it has been overtaken by events.

Searches Trending In America This Month.

Let's look at products that had more than a 50% increase in search volume in America when compared to the previous month. The search trend shows that the country is now approaching winter.

1. Squashes & Gourds +200%
2. Patio Heaters+200%
3. Candy Buckets +200%
4. Hot Chocolate +200%
5. Uniforms +100%
6. Inflatable Party Decorations +100%
7. Costume & Stage Makeup +100%
8. Space Heaters +100%
9. Costumes +90%
10. Baby & Toddler Outerwear +80%
11. Furnace & Boiler Accessories +70%
12. Firewood & Fuel +60%
13. Snow Pants & Suits +60%
14. Costume Accessory Sets +60%
15. Masks +60%
16. Log Racks & Carriers +60%
17. Fog Machines +50%
18. Party Streamers & Curtains +50%
19. Costume Hats +50%
20. Coats & Jackets +50%
21. Pajamas +50%
22. Vests +50%

How can Think With Google help choose a new niche or plan come up with a content strategy?

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To Your Success.

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