Confused: Brand New Website With No Content Ranked No: 1 in Bing.

Last Update: April 28, 2020

l have been away from the online business for almost 3 years pursuing offline opportunities until when l was Locked Down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. l know a lot has changed but l am ready for the long haul. l will really appreciate your input.

1. l bought the domain on the 27th of March, 2020. Created the important pages and installed a few plugins. No posts yet. It was indexed by Google on 19 April, 2020. Of course this is not a cause for confusion.

2. When l checked inside Jaaxy keyword research tool for ranking of the website name, l realized that Bing was ranking it on No: 1. It was also pulling the default theme information as the website description. The search volume for the exact domain name is below 100 per month.


Using external tools, l have noticed that some of the websites below it are attracting an average 500k+ visitors per month for search terms related to the website name. T

Well, maybe Bing is not very particular about quality content as Google and it values the domain name. That's not confusing either.

What has caused the confusion is;

The website is not ranking for the intended keywords... lol.

An example will help;

l created the website to post make money online program reviews and point people to Wealthy Affiliate. Now, the website name is general let's say 'smart affiliate' as an example and will ranking among websites focused on keywords such as 'smart watches', 'smart phones' etc which is totally different to the intended purpose. There are quite a number of affiliate products to promote though, related to my domain name with commissions ranging from 5 to 10%.


Do you suggest, l abandon my initial intention and go for the 'opportunity'? Hoping l can rank the website in Google too, once l focus on content related to the website name? The choice of my initial niche was not passion driven but l have experience with the niche. l once created a website in the MMO niche and sold it for $38 470.

Although Bing commands a respectable amount of traffic, is it worth basing my decision based on it? Or l must only concentrate on Uncle Google rankings and persue my initial plan?

(Pardon me for hiding the domain name for now, l am in the process of measuring the estimate traffic from Bing as l have noticed a few clicks).

l will really appriciate your input and recommendations.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Interesting, indeed!
George-M Premium
I'm not exactly sure what your question is but I think it would be way to early for Google or Bing to rank you for keywords. It sounds like you bought a domain that already had site authority. Someone had built up a lot of backlinks and then let it expire. If that's the case, usually you have to either use the site for the niche that fits the domain. And figure out how to make content that will match the backlinks or your visitors won't want what they find there. If you want to rank for keywords, you're going to have a while to go.
George-M Premium
Ok now that I looked at your site I understand what you mean. Actually I was wrong, you don't seem to have a lot of domain authority. Just a potentially super low competition domain niche. I agree that it looks like there's a lot of ways to use that site outside of make money online though. It also doesn't look like your competition on Google would be that hard to pass if taking the products associated with the domain name instead of the make money idea. Personally I would try to market products based on the domain more than the make money because make money is so competitive to get ranked for anything.
onlinegeek Premium
It's a brand new website. No backlinks yet. Thank you for your kind advice. l guess, l will have to go with the products the website is ranking for and probably buy another domain for MMO niche. l find make money online reviews fairly easy to rank for if one targets programs in the pre-launch stage and which have not yet been reviewed by most websites.