You're Never Out of It

Last Update: December 20, 2012
Well another amazing year is just about gone on Wealthy Affiliate and Internet Marketing, and I am humbled to have had a very good year with a good number of ups and downs. Through it all I can honestly say that somehow no matter how bizarre the world of internet marketing turns, somehow you're just never out of it completely.

What to Do When Internet Marketing Stops Working

Search engines hate you? Then if you're smart you've already still got your lists to market to.

New product wipes out your existing one? You still have all that old link juice in your established site ready to point to your next big thing - and you can always make a new product for the old seasoned website.

Your income streams dry up? You have a vast knowledge base on how to establish new income streams and should have a cache of... cash to keep your nascent internet business going.

Internet Marketing Works Even When Google Search Stops Sending Traffic

The thing is, no matter how tough things become, there is always another opportunity waiting to be discovered... and here at Wealthy Affiliate the tools needed for making that next discovery and capitalizing on it are all here to use and leverage. Even when almighty Google search stops sending you traffic, other internet marketing techniques still work and you can leverage them if you have done your homework and learned them.

2012 Presented a Lot of Challenges to Internet Marketers

There is no doubt the hammer came down on a lot of internet marketers in 2012. No doubt you or someone you follow closely was slammed at one point of another. I certainly can claim my share of bumps and bruises (improve Google user experience anyone???) but when the smoke cleared, I was still making money online every day (some days more than others), and I took great leaps forward as a result.

2012 Notable Accomplishments:
Made more money online in a single month than I typically make at my job
Can legit claim (if not explicitly prove) that I made money every single day in 2012
Survived multiple Google slaps from various algorithm updates
Took a (working) vacation for the first time in 10 years (Vegas baby! Even met Matt Cutts!)
Attended my first Pubcon (Vegas)

Once again, as ever, I am proud to be a long-time member of Wealthy Affiliate, and am thankful for the value this site provides members as a source of not only community spirit but also a deep rooted knowledgebase for all.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and smooth transition into 2013.
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PMakaris Premium
Your "2012 Notable Accomplishments" are both inspiring and motivating. Thank You!
Congratulations on your fine achievements! Hope 2013 is hugely better for you! Compliments of the season to you and yours.
onefineham Premium
Thank you. 2012 was good, hoping 2013 is even better online and at WA.
dazzlefish Premium
You work from lists when search engines fail? Tell me more about these lists, please. Sounds important.