My WA Expirience

Last Update: November 24, 2017

I joined WA a few months ago. I been caught up in life, where I was not able to put in my very best into my visions as an online entrepreneur.

I've previously tried other business modules spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars which didn't get me anywhere near where I'd hope to have had achieved. Some of the problems with a lot of this business modules out there Is the lack of information, knowledge of the module, and guidance that you require to succeed. You're left stranded at sea if you will.

My experience here at WA is nothing like I've ever experienced before. The courses, the resources, the information, the help and the guidance from the community 24/7 to teach you how to really start your own business in one place. I don't think it gets any better than this.

Well, I'm back on board and motivated. Looking forward to learn and empower others as I progress.


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kdimeo Premium
Hi Omar,
I, too, have been left in "the sea" as you have called it. And it is not a pleasant experience. I've found myself lost at sea a couple of times here at WA; however, there has always been someone around to throw me an life raft.
I wish you the best as you move forward.
Omar87 Premium
Yes Kathy, this one of the great things here at WA. Someone always has your back. Always ask even if you have to keep asking until you get it. That's worked for me. Someone else might just give you a different clearer perspective of what you are asking. I wish the best as well on all your goals and ventures. Thank you for commenting.