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Writing content was an obstacle that I've found to be quite challenging. I'd tend to find myself dealing with "writer's block syndrome". Spending to much time analyzing every sentence in detail; making sure that I've used proper grammar and punctuation. Yet, without success on finishing a post/article. After dealing with trying to be perfect, I want to emphasize what Kyle suggests in the training: "Don't worry about being a perfect writer, communicate with your audience as if you are speaking
February 12, 2017
I joined WA a few months ago. I been caught up in life, where I was not able to put in my very best into my visions as an online entrepreneur.I've previously tried other business modules spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars which didn't get me anywhere near where I'd hope to have had achieved. Some of the problems with a lot of this business modules out there Is the lack of information, knowledge of the module, and guidance that you require to succeed. You're left stranded at sea if yo
June 17, 2016
Ready to go through the road that Kyle, Carson and others have passed. Yea it might take a while, but as long as you're driving, you will get there......