Rough few days.

Last Update: May 18, 2016

What is on my mind..Well a lot, The last few days have been really hard on me. My mind seems to be going in 100 different directions. First your doing Certification Courses, then something pops out and you need to know about that. So you leave the courses and go to something different. Now remind you we are doing emails, chatting and sharing within our community. It can really be overwhelming. It was becoming too much for me. So, yesterday I said Stop. I had a rough night sleeping. To stop or keep going. This morning I decided to continue on. I started back at the basics. To the training. Thank you for letting me share this.

Sincerely, Linda (oma07)

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JudeP Premium
Hi Linda, I wrote a post yesterday about overwhelm, maybe it could help a little? :)
Oma07 Premium
I saw that JudeP. Thank you.
Ecowarrior Premium
Hi Linda, thanks for sharing. Time seems to be the common thing that community members are posting about, not enough time. I find it hard also to schedule my day, as I start trying to progress with my training, then get e-mails, about new blogs and I digress off to have a look at those.
You are not alone, and I think as you progress, you will gradually set yourself a schedule and get into the habit of sticking to tasks at hand. I am also trying to do this, and yes it would be great to have more time in the day!
Keep going and best wishes to you! regards, Lisa
Oma07 Premium
Thank you for understanding.
rwagener Premium
Yep - so much too do.
I guess you just need to give yourself time - know how much you can do per day and then just pace yourself. Just a thought - but do keep at it and you'll get there.
All the best.
Tezsie Premium
Hi Linda, warm hug to you. Hope you´re feeling better. And you know, it´s ok to take a day off before you hit the wall *w
MPollock Premium
How true