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June 20, 2016
I have missed my WA community and working on my site. I have been gone for 5 days. My Uncle and Aunt were both military and they were buried with full honors at Arlington Cemetery. What a wonderful tribute to them. I was blessed to be invited. I was so shocked to find out that there are between 30 to 40 funerals a day at Arlington. The following day my Uncle was honored in the Memory Program, with 312 other Vietnam Veterans. This was a beautiful service and a nice tribute at the Vietnam V
I was born and raised in Florida. Every year we lived through Tropical storms, Tornado's and Hurricanes. I had no choice but to learn the ins and outs of these natural disasters. And learn I did. Most of my information in my website will be my own experiences. I will also include information from FEMA and Red Cross. I lived 3 years in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, my choice, we started in Miami, Texas, Mississippi and New Orleans. You see, My family and I felt the need to help any and all peop
A good friend of mine sent me this today, I liked it and thought I would share. ENJOY!10 THINGS THAT REQUIRE ZERO TALENT 1. BEING ON TIME 2. WORK ETHIC 3. EFFORT 4. BODY LANGUAGE 5. ENERGY 6. ATTITUDE 7. PASSION 8. BEING COACH-ABLE 9. DOING EXTRA10. BEING PREPARED
May 18, 2016
What is on my mind..Well a lot, The last few days have been really hard on me. My mind seems to be going in 100 different directions. First your doing Certification Courses, then something pops out and you need to know about that. So you leave the courses and go to something different. Now remind you we are doing emails, chatting and sharing within our community. It can really be overwhelming. It was becoming too much for me. So, yesterday I said Stop. I had a rough night sleeping. To s
May 11, 2016
Well, I have almost finished my first month at WA. My site this morning turned blue, yay, for me that was awesome to see. My site is getting healthy. I am in Google, Bing and Yahoo. My site and I are feeling great. If you have the time, I could use some positive feedback. I thank you in advance.Sincerely,Linda (oma07)
I was excepted into Google. Iam so happy. It has been a few rough days this weekend. I like ending the weekend on a good note. I'm reaching for the moon and the stars. Thank you for all your help, I would not be here without your support. Wishing everyone here much success here at WA.
April 27, 2016
So I am old school, some of this technology is difficult to understand to me. For example, i was having a problem transferring my Go Daddy domain to my siterubix and I was getting frazzled. Neither of my children could be reached by phone. I did the next best thing, I called Go Daddy. Hummmmm they walked me right through it and took less than 3 minutes. Haha on me.Wishing everyone here on WA alot of success.Have a great day to all.Linda ( oma07)
April 26, 2016
I just bought my own domain. So I believe I might own real estate. :-)
April 19, 2016
Such a crazy day for me. I learned so much from Jay. He always has excellent online tutorials. It is focused on a paticular themes. It is great for me. So I thank you Jay.It was incredibly long day, but I did get alot accomplished. I was so focused on my project that II forgot about my WA community. :( II will however catch up tonight or tomorrow.I hope everyone had a successful day.
April 17, 2016
I am still not a computer person. But.Iam coming along.One peice of advise I would give is, if you don't understand something keep going back to tutorials. It might take alot of time but it makes more sense the second time around.Wow, there are so many thoughtful people in my new community. Thank you for your kind wishes. My wish to everyone is that we reach for the stars and make our dreams reality.Yesterday my eyes were opened really wide, I started bootcamp 2 and boom there is the answ