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Last Update: June 15, 2016

I was born and raised in Florida. Every year we lived through Tropical storms, Tornado's and Hurricanes. I had no choice but to learn the ins and outs of these natural disasters. And learn I did. Most of my information in my website will be my own experiences. I will also include information from FEMA and Red Cross. I lived 3 years in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, my choice, we started in Miami, Texas, Mississippi and New Orleans. You see, My family and I felt the need to help any and all people that we could. We saw first hand the devastation, the death, the hungry, the illnesses, and the need to survive. We helped by bring in heavy equipment, food, water and a sense of calmness to help hurricane Katrina survivors get back up on their feet.

Everyday was a new challenge. We never knew what to expect. Cars in trees, houses completely gone, graves floating down the street. Houses marked with a red X times the number of dead people in the homes. We hugged people, gave them comfort, listen to them and did the best we could for them. We searched for pieces of their lives with them, from a photo to a rosary in a car in a tree. How they clung to such small items. How grateful they were for any and all help.

To this day those experiences are still with me, never to be erased. I still see the faces, the tears, the rage and the destruction. I learned what it means to be humble. I am more aware, and more prepared, I might never see this again in my life time, but my children learned very valuable lessons. They are pillars of their own communities. They are prepared.

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Dreamer56 Premium
Katrina was devastating . Took a crew and equipment there. It was not fun. Spent Two months and gave it up. Had quite the mutiny.
LizPB Premium
dianegailit Premium
You and your family are very strong after going through such a disaster. Katrina was terrible devastation. Our friends owned 3 homes there.....a beautiful lake house in Slidell, one in New Orleans, and another that they had just built at the mouth of the Mississippi. They lost all 3 homes in that disaster. We have been fortunate to have moved here from PA right after Hurricane Charlie, and it has been 12 years since a bad hurricane came through the Tampa area. But....preparedness is a must, because you never know when a natural disaster could hit this area.
Oma07 Premium
That is correct be prepared and don't think it can't happen to us. We worked in slidell for a long while.
dianegailit Premium
So true....you never know. Thank you so much for this important reminder.
lucas57 Premium
I could only image what Katrina must have been like. Thankfully where I live we only get rain (lots of it) You certainly deserve success.
JudeP Premium
Oh my word, what a story. I greatly admire everything you and your family did to try and help people and if karma has anything to do with it, I hope you are blessed in your goals here at WA :)