Traditional Masterpiece of Chinese Music from a Street Peddler Musician

Last Update: December 03, 2019

A surprisingly Sudden change in December 2019

Colder in Shenzhen China [south china] Than I can remember

Houses and apartments are not built to keep warmth in or Cold out seems. The temperature is generally Warm and sunny most of the year round in SZ, Approximately 3 months of the year it turns chilly Nos Snow just colder with a wind chill factor that bites.

I had to nip out last weekend and purchase some warmer clothing, jeans and jacket for evening wear and of course to protect me during early morning Jogging in the park here.
Putting on Air Conditioners with heated elements is pointless as it dissipates as quickly as it enters the room and leaves you feeling colder than ever!

Today the sun is pretty bright
and a natural warmth is on you when not in the wind. I like it as it is similar to UK autumn and spring periods, but thankfully not as long-lasting.

Last night while waiting for a friend
to finish work I collected a coffee and wandered outdoor from the Shopping mall and book city area. It was fresh and welcoming as I had sat well over 3 hrs writing and researching articles and news.

To my surprise I heard music emanating from the street and decided to check it out as it was particularly melodic and Chinese historical style, I wanted to hear more.

Check him out in CIRCLED AREA

Around the corner was an old Dude sitting on a collapsible stool amplifier powered on and getting down with the swing of his music. He was transfixed on his music and brought it to life with what seemed his personal touch and style, I heard this compilation before and started this video to accompany it once I wrote this short blog.

I have 2 parts to it as I was interrupted during the first shoot, I hope that didn't break the enjoyment of the occasion and mood for you.

The time was around 19:30 pm the light was also fading and getting a better clearer video was not on the cards I am afraid to say, but it enhanced the mood of the instrument and the Silhouetted Old Musician in his Enjoyment.

The audio is at times over shadowed with passer buy and the odd loud Voices, [after all it is china this is how it is Folks].

Just realize that audio or video

Size over a certain limit isn't supported here ~ PITY WA you would have liked it.

Today I had this experience of a grand mother Feeding a 5 to 8 month child Noodles for Lunch?

Enjoy your day as I did last night


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NicolaR Premium
Hello Chris,

I like your posts you have a way that makes an individual feel they are right with you; walking with you, seeing what you see.

(I was looking forward to hearing the music, but this has not destroyed the feeling of your whimsical post)

NicolaR Premium
Your a great storyteller!
megawinner Premium
Nice experience and new info for me. Thanks.