Learning Is A Process!

Last Update: February 06, 2019

First Lesson of Many Checked

If an interview was taken, most probably the first question I would be asked...

How do you feel after accomplishing the Level 1 Certification?

I would humbly answer: It took me 15 years to understand the process of building mt own website, but it worth every single minute. I am living my dream of having my won website and for sure in the near future I will make in glow in Google, Bing and Yahoo......

And the dream was on and on, rambling about how and what will I do.

Well, I just wanted to announce Mr.Google, Mr. Bing and Mrs. Yahoo that here I come ! Brace Yourself, Dearies!!!!

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NWTDennis Premium
Learning really is a process. I'm fairly well educated, but this notion never occurred to me until now. Many years ago going to college included taking many classes and I just did it without thinking about it.

Now I find myself thinking about it, and yes occasionally there are some thoughts of doubt that I'm going to be able to complete the process.

Must be an age thing.
JackieSmith Premium
Hey Olga, you're right!

Learning is a process and how wonderful it is to learn!

Wishing you all the best ... watch out search engines. Olga is on the horizon! :-)
Marley2016 Premium
Congratulations on your accomplishment so far
there is more to come and you are going to be
quite amazed at what you can and will do ::))
Fleeky Premium