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Last Update: July 22, 2017

Sometime last week I signed up for a WordPress Word Camp that was scheduled this weekend in my area. I decided to sit in on the beginner sessions to make sure I wasn't bypassing any additional knowledge I may need going forward. A mentor once taught me "I didn't know what I didn't know". I felt this may be a good way to find out if I was missing anything.

The sessions were helpful and informative, but overall the biggest thing I came away with was confirmation. I consider myself a beginner in this venture, so I was very pleased to know answers to some of the questions being asked. I was able to learn and help at the same time (sound familiar?). I was able to help because of the knowledge I gained here so far. The things I learned are things I haven't yet asked here, or searched for here.

Back to the confirmation - I received confirmation that the training here is quick and thorough. So is the support, and the access to additional knowledge. This is done with minimal expense, and more conveniently, done on my schedule. I consider that to be very positive.

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Nice going Bert, it feels empowering when you learn something here and are able to help people somewhere else with the knowledge you've gained. It certainly does for me!
MKearns Premium
It's great to have independent confirmation of learning Bert!
EnjoyWA Premium
Good to hear! Thanks for reporting back on your experience!
ContentBySue Premium
That's some outstanding confirmation!
Cinderella5 Premium
Good read and Yes it is.