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Some weeks are tougher than others. There are times when every effort seems to flow well, and other timeswhen it seems the harder I push, the tougher it gets. When I think Iam getting the momentum going, the next thing I know it seems like Iam slowing to a crawl. Even with that, I have two majorpositive forces going for me. One is my experience. Over the yearsI have experienced these same challenges numerous times on differentlevels and “made it through”. I have also coached ne
July 22, 2017
Sometime last week I signed up for a WordPress Word Camp that was scheduled this weekend in my area. I decided to sit in on the beginner sessions to make sure I wasn't bypassing any additional knowledge I may need going forward. A mentor once taught me "I didn't know what I didn't know". I felt this may be a good way to find out if I was missing anything.The sessions were helpful and informative, but overall the biggest thing I came away with was confirmation. I consider myself a beginner i
July 04, 2017
I have been having fun the past two weeks. In training Kyle suggests choosing a niche we enjoy and may be passionate about. I have done that, and what I am doing does not seem like work. I am enjoying my training and sometimes do not think I am making enough progress. However, at each step I learn the benefit of each exercise. The exercises help me recognize things I need to get done on my site, and I take time to get those things done before I continue. My niche is one of my hobbies, so
June 23, 2017
Over the years, I have lived in andaround towns and cities of various sizes. They were anywhere from300 to 1 million in population. I have met good people everywhereI've been, but the places I enjoyed the most where the small towns. The ones that were big enough to have a good selection of places toeat and shop, but small enough to have a lot of friendly people. People who didn't hesitate to help someone if they could, and trulyappreciated when someone helped them. It seemed to be their cult
We have many fathers here at WA, and no doubt that is part of the reason they are here. So to those who are fathers biological or not, I wish you a Happy Fathers Day. To those who are showing their appreciation for fathers and/or father figures, please know we are recognizing and counting our blessings. Without you, we may not have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished so far; and we may not be driven to do more as we are trying to now. Thank you, and Happy Father's Day to you t
June 11, 2017
I set some goals for myself last week that I did not achieve. However, I did gain some knowledge that was very helpful. I read some comments mentioning the need for good site structure. So I took a step back, and decided to "walk across the street" to see what my guests would see. My site did not have some of the things that I look for as a visitor that make it welcoming and comfortable. I want people to stay there for a while, and I want it easy for them to navigate. I started by using t
I am currently working on the final lesson in Course 2. Every step I have taken in the training so far has been designed to give me an understanding of something that will help me achieve my goals. There are a lot of things I wish I already knew, but the reason I am training is to gain that knowledge. I want to learn the things I need to know. Determination, and small successes along the way, keeps me motivated and helps me achieve that goal. At the beginning of our training we are advised to