The Internet Marketers Prayer

Last Update: March 12, 2014

Please let me wake up tomorrow and find the secret to success,
The one the guru's want to sell me for $249.99 with resell rights!
Give me the knowledge to see through the next best programme scam,
The one the guru's want to sell me for $1000 so I too can learn to sell it!

Pray let me see the light at the end of the internet marketers tunnel,
And let it not be that from a train run by the latest greatest millionaire guru!
Grant me the peace of mind and allow my faith in humanity to grow,
And let not another internet guru destroy this with more lies of get rich quickness!

Allow me to share my wisdom and empower visitors to my website with much,
Let me never sink to the cruelness of the modern internet marketing guru shark!
Bless my long hours of keyword research and content creation with success,
Let me never consider myself to be an internet guru with secrets for sale!

Please give me the health and strength of mind to awaken tomorrow,
So I may rather again join my friends and tutors down at the Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate

This is original work of mine, you have the right to use it provided my link remains in the bottom. You can also add your own before sharing it! ;-)

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Lemark Premium
You are a poet :)
OldMule Premium
I may be a poet but I do not know it!? Ha!
ColetteH Premium
Nice. Enjoyed a couple of smiles there.
OldMule Premium
Great stuff!
tweet76 Premium
That was awesome .
OldMule Premium
Thanks. Hope you managed a smile as well as you were maybe thinking of a few of "those" instances!
mdvs42 Premium
Love it!
OldMule Premium
Cheers for the nod!
lifechanger1 Premium
This Is Really good And Speaks Of
True experiences Online
OldMule Premium
Thank you. Yes, am sure we all been there!