My steps forward so far

Last Update: May 02, 2019

It's my 4th day now

started on the 29th of April and tried to constantly go thru the training. Building the homepage, e-mail address etc. as well as playing a bit with the appearance of my site. Though I have discovered some nice possibilities how to change the look I have several things to check out and to change things whenever I want to. There should not be time wasted any more once the site becomes more serious. But I'm sure I'll get it.

My niche

decided to start in the field of safety and protection. Going deeper into tools, gadgets, items for security and so on. Once I wrote an article about children addiction to mobile phones it opened another door for security items due to the relevance and the feedback I got. So I'm really looking forward to digging even more into that topic as I'm facing that problem as well :-)


I'm glad that I wrote 4 articles so far - besides all the tasks I had to come over due to the training program. I really love how that training is literally forcing me to go ahead.

Though I want to wait with activating traffic until there are a lot more articles I was totally surprised how exited my wife was because of the article with the phone addiction. So she just forwarded immediately to Facebook without my knowing :-)
I hope she will support me in that way in the future as well :-)

Plans ahead

Foremost I have to establish and stabilize all that basic things and write a lot of articles. Fitting my site and so on. Joining proper affiliate programs, networks, etc.

Afterwards I will start the publishing on social media platforms and push as good as I can. That should lead to some $ 50 - 100 within 3 months. That's the goal.

However it will work out I can tell you the next goal after 3 months.
At the moment the idea is to build up visitors who will come back due to the interesting topics they can read on my site.

So that's pretty much it.

Look at my header image - this is the final goal...


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EOPolini Premium
Sounds great George, keep it up!
LisaBrack Premium
A good start.
OldGeorge Premium
Thx Lisa! :-)