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May 21, 2019
4th training round finished. Yeaaahhh! :-)So many new things I learned so far. So many useful trainings and videos from other members as well. There are still so many things left. The day should have more than 24h so that I can view more a day. I'd like to say thanks to the whole community for all that support and help! It's really great how this "family" works!What also makes me confident in that program - there are so many people with so much experience and incredible education. That's a big
May 19, 2019
19 days since starting the website and it was really a lot of work :-)Anyway it's very exciting to do all the research. There are so many topics interesting me and I hope that I can really help some people by providing interesting content concerning safety. No matter if refers to the house, garden, work, mobile phone protection or animal repeller. The time for doing social activities here on WA is pretty rare as I have still a 9-5 job. But it will change, right? :-)Wish everyone all the best!Ol
Just curious where I can find my ranking... :-)
It's my 4th day now started on the 29th of April and tried to constantly go thru the training. Building the homepage, e-mail address etc. as well as playing a bit with the appearance of my site. Though I have discovered some nice possibilities how to change the look I have several things to check out and to change things whenever I want to. There should not be time wasted any more once the site becomes more serious. But I'm sure I'll get it.My niche decided to start in the field of safety and p
I remember well when we were children or teenagers and got along very well even without a mobile phone. Our parents often did not really know where we were but mostly we just metfriends. We did not have to call our friends to meet us, we just met.Then we went into the forest together. Building stone huts or tree huts was our greatest passion. Or we were playing police and robbers. And afterwards we all came back home healthy.For example, our neighbors had five children, all boys. They were enth
April 29, 2019
Hi everyone,From now on I'm a premium member as well.I'm very curious and motivated what's coming ahead...
Hi there, I'm "Old" George and I'm a newbie in affiliate marketing. Anyway I'm always keen on challenges and I'm curious and looking forward to where this challenge will bring me to. Maybe to the beach above - not for living there, but maybe for some holidays.. :-)Really looking forward what is awaiting me here and willing to do what ever necessary..Yours,Old George