Last Update: October 15, 2018

Hmm! Am sure you'll be wondering, "hmm what a topic". I thought so too but that happen to be what I need to deal with now, and I can only start this way, taking the bold step!

The English Oxford Dictionary describes Procrastinate as "delay or postpone in action, put of doing something."

Cambridge English Dictionary gives a similar meaning but with a reason for that action. It says Procrastinate means, "to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is UNPLEASANT or BORING."

Merriam Webster gives yet similar meaning but says reason for such an act is, "because you do NOT want to do it, because you are LAZY." and so on and so forth.

Happily joining this amazing community, Wealthy Affiliate, a week ago, I kept telling myself to take the bold step of making my first post, but need I say I kept postponing that action not out of any reasons for procrastination given above. Frankly those reasons, 'unpleasant', 'boring', 'do not want to', 'Lazy', do not apply to my reason for postponing my first post.

My procrastination was more out of being 'anxious' that I had to tell myself to slow the pace. I was in awe of this online activity, going through the lessons and task, reading members achievement and growth, and many more. I was in awe that I was so glad I followed my instinct when a member (who I need to take permission from to post his name some day as the person you got me on board and has since been following up on me} reached out to me via his link to join this great opportunity filled with knowledge. I was in awe that I got anxious which resulted to fear of, "can I put up a post at all?"

Anxious is defined as, "a feeling, or showing worry about something with an uncertain outcome." That was my fear, the outcome of my first post, Now I feel more relaxed that it just has to do with having a conversation with a bunch of good friends, colleagues, and family! Who knows, the advise I get would take me a long way down the road.

Am so glad I spoke up, am so glad I shared cause I've come to understand that the cure is within me. Taking the bold step can make a huge difference!

Thanks everyone as I enjoin you to explore your potentials through Wealthy Affiliate!

Ojugo Angela.

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Fleeky Premium
Procastination haunts us all on different levels and on different subjects...
LucyLee Premium
Thanks for the post - I feel the same! Nice to know I'm not alone... but I'm Just Taking Action!