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March 01, 2019
Is it for real? It is for real!I just logged into my WA site just to receive the pop message on my screen about my new badge added for being dedicated for 6 (Six) Months!I really feel humbled and yes motivated. Humbled because it's honouring to know that someone or people are keeping taps of your progress and are always ready to assist if you derail. And Motivated because this is like for me a wake up call to put in more more and more effort.Guys am so grateful for this community and family. It
September 04, 2018
Hmm! Am sure you'll be wondering, "hmm what a topic". I thought so too but that happen to be what I need to deal with now, and I can only start this way, taking the bold step!The English Oxford Dictionary describes Procrastinate as "delay or postpone in action, put of doing something."Cambridge English Dictionary gives a similar meaning but with a reason for that action. It says Procrastinate means, "to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is UNPLEASANT or BORING."Merriam