Email Marketing- So Effective A Strategy To Building Relationship

Last Update: May 01, 2020

So many affiliate marketers face enormous struggle trying to scale their business and I vividly understand those struggles because I had similar problems. And one of those major problems was getting people to my email list. Email list building has proven to be vital to any business and it’s no wonder that the experts who make 6 and 7 figures relied so much on that.

This lockdown has brought more positives in so many ways I can imagine and I really thank God for that. Never in my life have I dedicated so many hours (70 hours) learning all I can to be better that I was 5 years ago. Wealth Affiliate’s itself has been nothing but magnanimous for getting the basics to build a website and just 7 weeks into my membership, I have garnered 3 clients I have built website for. However, I needed to go above and beyond to get more advanced skills for that.

Back to list building, I focused on just one email marketing company to leverage on the role they have and I couldn’t be much happier to say my blog posts and recommendations have gotten me 15 subscribers. Are they much? Not at all, but have every reason to be happy as I have never gotten subscribers to my list not to mention knowing how to get sign up forms embedded in every page in a website.

Putting out amazing content and never focusing on the money will do you a lot more good because you just never know who is reading and from what location. As a Digital Analysts, I make it important to know where my visitors are coming from and what page, bounce rate that took place.

If you are still wondering why you are not getting leads or making money online, all I can say is hard work really does pay off. The gains will always give way to all pains and hours you are putting in.


1. Ensure you have different forms on every of your blog post, that way, you can monitor who subscribed for what and then target those subscribers with series of follow up newsletters or promotional offers.

2. Create a landing page designed to direct them to your blog post.

3. Never stop putting out great content.

Best of luck.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks for sharing!

Obiwankanobi Premium
You are welcome Jeffrey.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Parameter Premium
This is great Obiwankanobi,

Building your email list gradually is a great way to go.

Another thing you can do,

Is to offer a free ebook as a lead magnet.

It will help and increase the rate of your sign, then follow up with newsletter and promotional offers like you said.

Obiwankanobi Premium
Yes sir.