WA - The Long And Winding Road

Last Update: April 05, 2015

Lately, other priorities have left me with much less time for my WA project. One of them has been finishing out an additional room for my daughter's pilates studio. Painting gives you a lot of time to be with your thoughts. There was music playing in the background. I heard this great song by the Beatles coming from another part of the studio and it occurred to me that my WA project is not unlike this great song.

It's a long and winding road that leads me to the door of success. It will never disappear. I have seen the road before and it leads me to this door. Wild and windy nights of doubt will be washed away by the rain leaving occasional pools of tears crying for the day. Why leave me standing here ... let me know the way.

Many times I've been alone and maybe even cried. You may not even know the many ways I've tried. But still I keep coming back to the long and winding road. I've been standing here for quite a while now knowing that if I persist it will be lead me to the door of success.

I will always trust that Kyle, Carson, Jay and the community will lead me back to the long and winding road. And even though at times it feels like they have left me standing here, I have confidence they will always help me find the door of success.

What in the world did I just write? It must be the fumes from the paint. I need to finish this project so I can get back to work on my WA project.

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MelaniLukito Premium
Beautiful post inspired from a beautiful song. It is a marathon and I believe you will reach your goals in WA. Good luck.
Christabelle Premium
What a wonderful and beautiful post! I am so glad you shared this and I don't think it was the fumes! lol You will definitely will arrive at your success! :)