A warning to all ASTRA wordpress theme users

Last Update: August 08, 2020

Wordpress suspends ASTRA for 5 weeks

You've heard of google jail, right? Well, Search Engine Journal just reported this morning that they suspended ASTRA for violating the affiliate links rules. Check out the article here:


This is crazy because I almost selected the ASTRA theme! It was a Wednesday when I was going to " pick a theme already" and I saw that Magistudios what hosting a webinar about themes that Friday. Thanks to the great advice I recieved I ended up with GeneratePress theme.

That is why I don't go to google for website advice anymore. There is so much training here and all the answers are here inside WA.

That is all that I wanted to post. I just wanted to alert anyone who has an ASTRA theme.

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jghwebbrand Premium
Astra WordPress Theme is back in the Wordpress Libary. I saw it. The latest version is 2.5.4. It downloads from WordPress.

I also found the following message in seachenginejournal website and in

The Themes Team suspended Astra from the official theme directory just a few short weeks after it became the first non-default WordPress theme to surpass one million active installs. The reason: the theme was breaking the directory’s ban on affiliate links.

The theme has since been reinstated. However, it has been delisted from the popular themes list..
Palatia Premium Plus
Thanks for the heads up. Good thing I'm not using it. :)
Jenny28 Premium
Just like you I almost chose Astra theme, but went with generatepress instead.
Thanks for sharing this information.
RamiSociable Premium

Pratha just posted this and got his post knocked out. Your considered approach to the rules makes your post stand.

I'm an avid keeper upper (lols;) of news and read a similar article three or four days ago that involved a further two themes to Astra today. Since I use Generate Press I did not pay heed only they involved much bigger numbers between them.

There but for the grace of God go we.....Another Zerif-Life some years ago was suspended for 5 months now that's punishment and a half for site owners who count time in seconds!!;

Good job on the considered format again to me it shows clever thought learning and application only you are used to that winning combination I'm sure!! ha ha

jghwebbrand Premium
Looks like Astra is removing affiliate links. And will have such a version available from their site.

My guess is that so many in WordPress worldwide use i, Brainforce will remove the affiliate links and be available again on Wordpress soon after 5 weeks.

It is nice to know Wordpress monitors the free themes and plugins we use so they are free of affiliate links.

Thanks for info.