WordPress 5.5 - My upgrade process that worked for 3 sites

Last Update: August 20, 2020

So WordPress 5.5 has been released.....

What next?

Well the first thing you need to do is update ALL Plugins that need to be updated.

Next go to your Themes and Update ALL of them... including the onese that are inactive.

NOW..... NOW... you can follow the prompt at the top of the WP Admin page and run the update to WordPress 5.5!

That's it! Everything should be ok.

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rjkennedy Premium
Thanks for sharing, my friend
jghwebbrand Premium
Thank you.

Did you notice your images load last when upgrading to WP5.5?

We have not updated yet, but I went to a WP site and the text loaded fast, BUT the images lagged and it was a very different experience as a visitor to see the images cycle as they were loading. I have visited that site before and never had that experience.
MarionBlack Premium
Creating a backup first using WP Clone or Updraft Plus is always a good idea. Then it's easy to go back to what your site was before the updates should anything go wrong.
Thank you for mentioning that MarionBlack! That is a great thing to do as well before running these updates.