Where I've Been Going Wrong

Last Update: Sep 22, 2014


After a year of toiling, trying to create a useful website for sports enthusiasts, I've made many mistakes. I know I've chosen a very hard niche to rank in but as I've put so much work into it , I'm not giving up yet.

My idea was to show many popular weekly professional sports fixtures on the front page, with start times/kick off times in all time zones, so viewers didn't have to scour the web in various locations. I've sort of achieved this after having a script written for me for the various time zones. I use a plugin called 'Content Blocks' for each different sports. This seems to work fairly well.

Since I've joined WA, I'm now understanding how the traffic part comes together. I initially had my discussion section turned off thinking that it was not relevant for a sporting fixture. However, today I've turned all discussions back on knowing that it will help my rankings.

Being an Aussie, my site contains leagues that are more interesting for this demographic. That doesn't mean other countries leagues are not included. English Premier League Football & NFL are interesting to us along with Formula 1, MotoGP etc.

It's amazing how addictive it is to keep my site going. I really enjoy learning the differnt elements that all come together. Thanks to WA and the community for helping me along.

So if you get an opportunity, head on over to www.sports-fixtures.com and leave a comment for discussion.



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Great Poster Nigel. Keep the momentum going, sports and music are amongst the few things that bring the world closer together. Cheers to Down Under:))

Cheers, thanks for the encouragement.

It's great to be that excited about a website, I can relate. Makes "work" a lot easier.

Your site does load very slowly. Once loaded it looks great with lots of informative content. If you get it to load quickly I think you should do well with it. Are you getting a good amount of traffic?

Not really that much traffic, Bad days 5-10, good days 30-40. Thanks for the loading info.

Wish I had more knowledge about how to fix it. I do know there are instructions in google webmaster tools that explain how to fix it. There are several things that can cause it and from what I've read it has to do With coding issues that can be modified.

Thanks for your help. I'll check out webmaster tools.

Hi Nigel, you site has a very nice professional look to it. Great work. It does load a bit slow, you may want to check Google Webmasters Tool on you site Behavior and see if they have any suggestions. Its, not really slow, but it did have color adjustments that I saw going on. First it was very light, then darker shadow then light again. Or maybe that was the effect you were going for.
Anyways, looks great!
Kim :))

No that's not the effect I was going for, thanks for the feedback Kim, I remember setting up webmaster tools many months ago, I'll have to check what it actually does again!!

No problem. Sometimes plugins cause issues, but see if GA can give you some feed back...do you use it....

I use it every now and again to check traffic, that's the extent that I use it.

There are all kinds of cool tools and info to help with many different things. Check it out a bit closer, you may find it more useful than you think. There are two types of behavior, one for visitors and the one under acquisition for you site speed with helpful suggestions. I need to look at this as well. I have a busy background that I just love and most people love it, only had one that was not okay with it. So it stays, majority rules...Lol

I'll check it out Kim, thanks for your help.

No problem...from a 66er to back up a 69er...Lol..Hope that makes sense.
If I am reading it right.

Ha, yep, Cheers.

Your site looks great! Keep up the good work!
~ Dusty


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