Why Are We Not Able To Cause Powerful Results In Our Life ?

Last Update: September 30, 2020

Most of us are trapped in our Logical Minds !

Logical Mind vs Magical Mind –

Lets start first with logical mind ,

Logical mind will always be in past or future , rarely will it be in the present .

Logical mind works on lots of analysis , for certain result to show up , certain actions must be taken first .

Logical mind will demand lots of validation , before getting into action .

Logical mind will demand massive clarity before taking any action .

Only after clarity is given , will it start believing .

Usually logical mind creates lot of fears , as it vibrates on survival mode .

Logical mind will show up multiple instances , as why you wont get desired result .

Logical mind creates perfect circumstances to procrastinate .

Now lets talk about magical mind ,

Ok , so right now your logical mind is thinking , really magical mind exsists ?

Well the answer is a big Yes , but only 2% of the population on this planet is able to tap into their magical minds .

So how does magical mind work –

It is always in the present , the mighty now of your life .

Magical mind is attuned to awesome possibilities all the time .

Magical mind is full of success thoughts .

Magical mind creates powerful situations for you to get into action .

Magical mind does not look for clarity before taking any action , it has firm belief that positive result will show up .

Magical mind is always curious , thinking out of the box .

Magical mind creates high energy & vitality in the body .

Magical mind reads impossible as ' I m possible ' , it looks for possibilities all the time .

Magical mind is very high on belief and faith .

Friends , its been seen that 98% of us are consumed with logical minds , most of us lack belief & faith in our abilities , which is also called imposter syndrome . You feel all the time that you don’t have it in you to make extraordinary things happen .

Tapping into magical powers of your mind requires lot of practice and regularly access books and content which can help you build magical minds .

One Book , i wld strongly recommend in starting your journey to build magical mindsets . " Autobiography of Yogi " by ' Paramahansa Yogananda ' i have read this book twice and it has transformed my world .

Wishing you all the success .

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YvonneBray Premium
This is really interesting, a magical mind I never new existed
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You need to practice magical mindsets ...
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Great info, Navnit!

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Thank you very much for the great information and advice.