Whats Does A Successful Entrepreneur Focus On ?

Last Update: October 02, 2020

Sharing some insights which cld be helpful !

Being an entrepreneur is a great responsibility , you are about to create something which dosent exsists or if it exsists , you plan to redefine its existence and make it amazing .

I have been an entrepreneur for past 20 years , trust me I have seen all the ups and downs of this high octane journey , where at one moment you are at top of the world and at another moment you are struggling to survive .

During these 20 years of journey , while I was working on my startup grounds up , faced lot of uphill challenges and my mindset kept evolving to overcome those challenges .

Sharing certain steps , where I failed miserably and had to struggle .

  1. Understand the potential and market size for your business ? How scalable is your business ?
  2. Select Exponential Model , where you can go pan country & pan world , don’t select a business model which restricts you in your area of operation , as then you will be serving very limited potential customers .
  3. Be extremely frugal in your spending for First 5 Years , reinvest all your profits back in the business to build muscle . Do not spend on lifestyle and gadgets .
  4. Focus on Mastery , whatever is your domain , become an expert .. become so strong that business runs behind you .
  5. Focus on creating massive value , keep building on this as this will give you massive competitive edge in market place .
  6. Choose your business partner , who is better then you in every possible way . As your partner will help you grow in life .
  7. Be super aggressive with marketing , learn the skill to build profitable marketing strategies , as marketing will be the backbone of your enterprise .
  8. Every successful entrepreneur is a top class marketer and networker .
  9. Build systems in your business , which can run your business on autopilot . Stop trading time for making money as you will remain broke and never create real wealth .
  10. Focus on building atleast 4 to 5 income streams , all shld be connected to your area of expertise .Friends , whenever I have undermined any of the above mentioned activities I have paid a hefty price and have attracted lot of struggle .

Hope you wont make the same mistakes I made and touch the glory sooner then you expect !

Wishing you abundance in every area of your life !


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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great advice. Thank you very much for sharing
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Wonderful post with excellent, tips, Navnit! Thank you for sharing this!

YvonneBray Premium
Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog.
jghwebbrand Premium
You definitely have learned a lot. WoW! so you have been doing this for twenty years. That's like being on the cutting edge of the technology.

Thanks for sharing your learnings!