What I have learned so far about WA: Not a Quick Money Scheme!

Last Update: May 06, 2018

At about one month of joining WA, I know am behind in terms of finishing up my training for the certificate in entrepreneurship, but now that school is out, I should have more time this week to catch up.

Since I promised fellow newbies that I will stay in contact with them in order to share notes and encourage each other, I revised my last blog to reflect a better understanding of what I have learned so far about WA. In my own and revised words, ...

WA is not a quick money type of scheme. It is more about teaching you how to start an online business, with focus on affiliate marketing.

Thousands of products and interests can be served by affiliate marketing. Even in my age group of boomers and seniors, for example, there has been an increased adoption of e-commerce. One in four mobile shoppers in the U.S. is over the age of 55. That's about even with their share of the overall American population.

Affiliate marketing is about connecting people with what they're already looking for online.

At WA, you learn the best skills needed to make those connections. It is literally a step by step learning process that occurs with the full support of a community of likeminded people who have a wealth of information and tools to help you succeed!

This is the best training platform and mentoring community I've have come across, so far, for acquiring the skills needed for a successful online business or activity.

If you've got a passion for something, it looks as if WA can show you how to make money from developing the best online platform that helps you to drive sales through your website(s).

Best of luck to all of us! Ntam

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Kyle Premium Plus
It surely isn't, that is because it doesn't existing. Getting rich quick is for people playing the lottery and are willing to gamble money, it certainly is not for people that are interested in creating a long term, sustainable business (and one they can be proud of).

You are going to be learning how to properly build a business online here at WA, in any niche, passion or interest.

It takes time, it takes hard work, but I would say that it is the "get rich faster" approach. There has never been this level of opportunity in our lifetimes, with such little upstart costs that it takes to create a very successful business online.
SleatMann1 Premium
You got that right is as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme it is a lot of hard work and learning and learning and running and when you have a full-time job at the age of 64 and trying to make a website that is successful it can be overwhelming but I am determined not to give up
Ntam101 Premium
We are in the same boat when it comes to age. Let's hang in there and determine not to give up! I like your spirit and attitude already.

heljam404A Premium
Enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing.
WendaSue Premium
Absolutely true. WA is perfect for learning and establishing a new business with wonderful training and experienced entrepreneurs to guide you all the way. It is not a get rich quick scheme.
I wish you happiness and success.
All the best
EricCantu Premium Plus
Very well said! Great job!